By Harry Fuecks

Why PHP Scales

By Harry Fuecks
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Guess everyone’s getting pretty tired of this discussion but good things have come out of it, thanks to George who’s written up Why PHP Scales (A Cranky, Snarky Answer), a must read (which Sterling thinks he should have written four years ago ;)).

There’s further summary from John and Jeff.

Another surpise turn up (via Jeff again), at least for me, was this interview with Derek Liu, admin and founder of Gaia Online Anime Community. Fascinating story.

Almost overnight seems what started as a hobby has put Derek in charge of one of the biggest sites on the net (4th largest forum on the net, by post count, according to Big Boards and page ranked 8,297 at Alexa). He comes across as having been largely unprepared but, taking things step by step, he’s getting a unique experience in running a very high traffic site.

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