Why are we Infused?

By Eric Jones

So why did we go from “The Fuse” to “Infused”? Well it’s a personal thing really. I’ve always seen my ColdFusion code as infusing life into an otherwise dull (ie static) web site. Also since I’ve started ColdFusion I’ve been spending a lot of time taking old PHP sites, or PHP products and “infusing” them with ColdFusion so I could use them with my CF apps.

Just like in my sites and products I’m hoping that we, the SitePoint ColdFusion community will be infused with life, and show others the wonders of ColdFusion. Of course I’m not a big proponent of telling anyone that one language is better than another. I agree with David, the original SP CF Blogger, when he says that ColdFusion is not for everyone, and that it can’t solve every problem. You really have to pick the right solution for the problem.

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