What’s your talent?

Andrew Neitlich

To be successful in anything, it sure helps to have three things:

1. Talent.

2. A demand for your talent by others.

3. Passion for expressing your talent.

I’ve figured out that my talent is in writing, helping people think clearly, starting up publishing ventures, and moving quickly to get results. It is fortunate that there is demand for this talent, and that I love using it to help others.

I keep marvelling at the show American Idol, where people think they have talent and clearly don’t. Sorry to say this, but some web designers are like these strange American Idol contestants. They may love web design, but they don’t have talent. Some can patch up a web site, but it’s nothing that looks particularly good or helps others get business results. They have a hobby, and that is fine. But they aren’t going to create a sustainable living.

But the successful web designers have one of at least three talents:

– Great design sense, such that clients measurably improve the image they convey to others.

– The ability to show clients how to make money (not an empty promise, or a focus on SEO only, but true knowledge of how to convert visitors to dollars).

– The ability to write elegant code that does a job well and solves real problems.

What is your talent? Or are you coming to discover that you are an American Idol wanna-be?