By Toby Somerville

What’s wrong?

By Toby Somerville

If you want to find out how good your product/service is — ask what’s wrong with it.
You may think you know what your customers want and need, but that may not be how customer feels about it. An important part of client service is not to find out how great things are going, but to find out what’s not going so well.

Ask your clients for an honest opinion on what they like about your product/service, but more importantly — ask what they didn’t/don’t like. Let them know that you want to improve your service/product and would really appreciate their honest appraisal on anything and everything — no matter how big or small. How can we improve?

Ultimately by engaging your clients, showing that they matter and acting on what they say (if appropriate). You will:

  • improve your product/service
  • be more competitive
  • improve client retention rates
  • improve your image

So, what are you waiting for? Find out what’s wrong.

  • I dislike it when companies ask what is wrong with their product/service. I want a company that is sure of themselves, not one that is insecure about what it offers. Listen to feedback but don’t ask what you could have done better.

  • A better way could ask of what could we improve and what do you miss?. Then the company don’t show “weakness”. I have used that tactic many times whit good results.

    Another question is: How do we ask? How do we get qualified answers? To often I don’t get the engagement that I need. I don’t want answers from the one who is positive to everything.

  • Toby Somerville

    @MissingArrow – I disagree, asking what is wrong is showing that you are not arrogant about your product/service. You are demonstrating that you listen to your customers, care about their opinions and you want to improve. You are not saying what you are offering is “bad”, you are saying “how can it be better?”

    @Gezprila – How you ask is down to the culture of your organization and the type of clients. You may find that it can be via a web survey, a phone call or even over coffee.
    You are right, all positive feedback does not help you improve your offering (even though it is good for the ego).

  • If that is the case, why don’t you ask “How can I make it better?” Something like, “what additional features would you like to see?”

    You are still soliciting feedback, but in the positive sense instead of using negativity.

    Someone who keeps asking “whats wrong?”, is insecure about themselves or what they offer…

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