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What is Node.JS all about?

By Jess Genevieve Brown



😳 Ever felt a little embarassed sharing your JavaScript? Let's fix it.

At Learnable, we have a great JumpCast video from Mark Dalgleish, an organizer of MelbJS, with an introduction to Node.js. Node.js is becoming a hugely popular tool for building fast, scalable web applications. And because Node.js apps are written in JavaScript, this allows front-end developers access to a whole new world of real-time web projects.

As well as this informative video, SitePoint has just released its very first entry in the Jump Start series, and it’s all about Node.js. If you’ve ever wondered why the dev sphere is so excited about this JavaScript environment, you’ll definitely want to grab yourself a copy, or download a free sample.

Check it out, and happy coding.

Jess is a video content creator for Learnable and Sitepoint. She digs all things social media, Web 2.0, music, film, digital media and innovation. Feel free get in touch!

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