What’s got you down?

By Eric Jones

I want to go off on a tangent here and break away from the ColdFusion related talk which you normally see here.

I’m curious as to what you see are the major hurdles for your web development business? Are you overcoming them? If not what do you think would allow you to overcome these hurdles?

And how about those of you just starting out. Or those of you who have been in the trenches for awhile. What was or is your biggest obstacle to get started? What did you find, or figure out, which helped you overcome this obstacle? Or what do you think WILL help you overcome this obstacle?

I know these are very broad questions but I think if we as a community can start to realize our obstacles, and find ways to overcome them together, we will be stronger and better business people.

  • A big obstacle I faced was letting go of control. The control to do it all myself. I was afraid that giving up some control meant losing it all. It’s actually the opposite. I gained more control when I gave some of it away. Amazing how it works.

    I’m now able to work with quality designers who help me focus on my business, my customers, my family and my life.

  • What’s hit me hard this summer is good time and project management – I took on WAY more than I should have and am just now catching up with things after handing one project off to another developer and almost loosing a major client.

  • jonese

    I’ll tell you what’s kept me from making the plunge to running my own design shop.

    Fear or not getting any clients.
    Not having the time to get clients.
    Not having all the skills to get the job done at a level acceptable to clients (ie i can’t draw!).

  • Paul

    One obstacle is never having run a business before, sure I’ve lead teams and managed projects/budgets but fear of the unkown is a big obstacle.

    I then bought Brendon Sinclairs Web Design Business Kit and myself and a partner are taking the plunge next month and taking some clients (I may also add).

  • jonese

    that’s a very good point paul! let us all know how the business turns out.

  • James, F.E.

    The biggest hurdle when starting out (and continuing) for me is trying to handle both the coding side and the business side. If I could find someone that is good at the business side that I can trust, that would allow me more time to focus on the part I am good at – the coding.

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