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By sgrosvenor

A little late with this one, but I’ve been changing jobs over the past few weeks, so it’s been a little busy! Apologies

There’s something afoot, something so huge, it will change the way we work and create our Flash applications in the future, yep you guessed it, Macromedia have revealed a mini sneak preview of of the new features to be available in the next incarnation of the Flash Player (v8) at the Macromedia Flash conference in Tokyo, Japan, and I so wish I was there!

Here are some of the main points from Colin Moock

  • darron

    — quote —
    “of the new features to be available in the next incarnation of the Flash Player (v8) “

    Of course you mean “the new features that MIGHT be available in the next incarnation”


    Exciting, none-the-less. The performance gains might actually large apps built with the v2 components actually usable. Here’s to wishful thinking!

  • I saw the demo of Flash’s new features at the “Flash in the Can” conference in Vancouver this past week. The real-time Alpha channel looked absolutely stunning, as did the new rendering engine that was demo’d by Macromedia. The jump in frame rate was insane.

  • Homestar!

  • Thirteenva

    Know what i’d love to see… the stability and persistent bugs FIXED!!! That would be wonderful. New features are great but when flash is unstable and bugs persist for multiple versions, it is unacceptable. Maybe once microsoft releases its rumored ‘Flash Killer’ then macromedia will step up and create a great IDE for designers and developers. If its one thing Microsoft is good for its creating a good developer tool… and this from a hardcore mac user such as myself…

  • Si

    There has been a long discussion on the future of Flash over in the Flash forum – you might want to read it. Next Generation Flash!

  • Geoff

    The folks at Macromedia’s Flash Product Management team have been saying for over a year now that the next incarnation of Flash would be focused more towards designers than programmers. (Uh, duh, the last 2 version’s updates have been programmer-centric!) It’s nice to see them coming through.
    I don’t doubt at all that they’ll follow through on this.

    And as for Microsoft’s “flash killer,” whatever. Microsoft talks an awful lot of **** about forthcoming products and rarely comes through as promised. Consider, for example, that eBay just DROPPED PASSPORT today. Don’t hold your breath for the Redmond team. They’re smart people up there, but heavily weighed down by a massive beauracracy.

  • Just a heads up, since this post I haven’t been able to read the Flash blog in my feedreader because of a weird character in the post. Check it out:


    Please fix it so I can get back to reading the blog!

  • Anonymous

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