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What’s your favorite content management system?

    Tom Museth

    Recently we ran a series of posts comparing and contrasting the two heavyweights of the CMS world — WordPress and Joomla. Over five instalments, Mark Atkinson compared the two systems in every detail from installation, through plugins and themes, to SEO.

    The series was a runaway success, generating a swathe of commentary from the SitePoint community, and fomenting a bit of heated public opinion — which is always a good thing. One aspect of the debate we didn’t anticipate was just how many fans of other CMSs were keen to chime in and have a say. Fans of Drupal, MODX, ExpressionEngine and more all wanted to let us know that there’s a universe of great content management systems outside the Big Two. It was an enlightening and informative dialogue.

    It got us thinking: maybe we should run more articles on CMSs. Perhaps we could compare another two similar CMS powerhouses over several instalments; or break down one into its constituent parts; or just run a hands-on tutorial using a certain CMS where you can get your hands dirty with code.

    So how about it — when it comes to content management systems, what would you like to see featured on SitePoint? What’s your favorite? Why? Let us know in the comments below, and we’ll put our authors to work on it!