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What you should know about CSS 2.1

By Simon Willison



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CSS 2 revision 1 has been out as a candidate recommendation for nearly two months now, but there’s been surprisingly little discussion of it around the web. It’s an interesting specification, and one that any standards conscious web developer should be aware of.

CSS 2.1 revises CSS 2 to better reflect the current state of the browser market, and to build upon lessons learnt in the four years since CSS 2 was released. It trims out a number of features that were never really adopted by the overall CSS community, such as aural stylesheets (now relegated to an Appendix) and adds a small number of widely requested or implemented features, such as the colour keyword ‘orange’.

The best guide to what’s new in CSS 2.1 can be found in the specification itself in the CSS 2.1 vs CSS 2 section. While most of the differences are subtle, the end result is a significant improvement over CSS 2 and forms a much better foundation for CSS going forward.

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