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What Was the First Website You Designed?

By Jean-Pierre Gassin

Recently, on Sitepoint’s Facebook Page, Hawk asked if anyone still had access to the first website they built. A lot of people contributed and we’re more than happy to take a look back on how the internet used to be.

If you’ve got your own to add, let us know in the comments! We’d love to see it

Autograf – Marc Hindley

Body Harris Photographs – Denis Vieira

Dynamic Marketing Solutions – webZplus

G Eurafric Group – Obinna Nwabineli

Indian Love Stones – Paul Seyler-Schmidt

Model Systems – Murray Moffatt

Native Pines – Gill Langridge

POPex Design – John Redhead

Rallye Solverde – Miguel Oliveira

Ride the Wings of the Crow – Laneth Sffarnlenn

Thermo Guard Insulation – Phil Perry

Z Bus – Peter Carroll

Why don’t you go back in time and show us your first ever website?

Jean-Pierre Gassin is a web developer, writer and design enthusiast from the Gold Coast, Australia. He runs The GeekGrounds, a tech and gaming culture site, and is studying a Bachelor of Information Technology.

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