By Aaron Osteraas

Welcoming the HTML5 Dev Center!

By Aaron Osteraas

The HTML5 Dev Center has been purpose built, especially to showcase the latest and greatest in HTML5 Tutorials and Articles.

Tell Me More!

HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript are fast becoming some of the most utilized technologies across the web, and of course one of the challenges faced, is getting everyone up-skilled. The HTML5 Last Call has passed us by a few months ago, and with all modern browsers supporting HTML5 today, there’s no reason why you can’t get started as soon as you learn.

You can navigate to the HTML5 Dev Center by using the Main Navigation bar, or the hot topics bar beneath it.


Browser Neutrality

The HTML5 Dev Center is browser neutral, these are growing technologies and the browsers are always evolving and updating.

What to Expect

You can expect the best tutorials from SitePoint’s finest authors, week after week. If you have any particular requests, feel free to speak up in the comments below, and we’ll do what we can to cater to your needs.

  • As always I look forward to your great articles, tutorials, examples, etc. Thank you

  • Let’s see how sitepoint presents html5 tutorials

  • I can’t wait to see the results for this one.

  • The main point which is essential is “browser neutral”, look forward to all articles to follow.

  • Awesome look forward to seeing what articles you put up.

  • Ranesh goud

    I hope this tutorials will help to build modern websites…

  • Justin

    Lose the IE9 advertisement in the title and you’ve got something.

    • Aaron Osteraas

      Hi Justin,

      This is a collaborative effort between SitePoint and Microsoft. They’re a driving force behind bringing our readers a great deal of this content, in turn we’re able to provide more HTML5 content than ever.

      • Justin

        If Sitepoint feels compelled to make some money helping Microsoft repair the tarnished image they long earned in the web development world so be it, but there are plenty of alternate, corporate neutral, ways to develop relevant content for a website should Sitepoint choose.

      • Jimmy

        I concur – an advert for IE is the last thing that most web developers want to see on a site. How do you expect us to take you seriously with that at the top of your page?

      • So, Jimmy, you’re saying it would be OK to have ads for Chrome or Firefox but not IE9? I don’t think that’s how “most web developers” think.

  • kaf

    I’m surprised sitepoint just didn’t create a whole new spin off site…. again. You’re already more fragmented than Android, why stop now?

    • Aaron Osteraas

      Hello Kaf,

      It’s difficult to appropriately cover the amount of topics we do without having topic-specific sites. You’re welcome to email me with any concerns you have.

  • bongani

    Knowing the history of ie and its inconsistacy,im stil not convinced that u cn get it right.
    Check ma demo page: IE 6,7,8,9&10 failed to show the rounded corners,whereas Safari,Firefox and Gooogle Chrome displayed them without any difficulty

    Cnt wait 4de response.


    • Rounded corners have nothing to do with HTML5. Besides that, you’re running a dodgy ‘curvy corners’ javascript instead of just using CSS. In IE9 and 10, CSS rounded corners work fine.

  • Willabee

    Here we go again! When will developers stop knocking user agents and just get on with ensuring their site looks good and is accessible in every device; IE6+, mobile, any width, any browser, it doesn’t matter, they all look good (but not the same. Who checks? Who cares?). Think; be positive, mobile first, progressive enhancement, feature testing, regressive enhancement (polyfills), flexible designs, media queries, CSS3, HTML5, the new APIs, optimised code, etc. and let’s move on.

  • Steve Hemric

    I had been looking forward to the HTML 5 Dev Center till I went there and was greeted with the ad for IE9.

    You talk about being browser neutral but I seriously doubt that will happen. It is a shame, I enjoyed your newsletter and site more when you were truly neutral.

    • Steve, I can only ask that you judge us on our content rather than preconceived doubts.

      To be clear, the Dev Center is and will be browser-neutral. Any given article may focus on a specific browser, or some browsers, or all browsers – if they reference browsers at all.

      What we’re trying to do is provide a resource for developers and designers working with HTML5 and related technologies in any and all browsers.

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