By Georgina Laidlaw

Welcome to Pixel Perfect!

By Georgina Laidlaw

Welcome to Pixel Perfect, SitePoint’s Web design blog.

We’re pleased to introduce Corrie Haffly, who’ll regularly bring you tips, techniques and news on the theory and practice of graphic design for the Web.

Check back to stay informed, and learn to make your designs pixel perfect!

  • Looking forward to some good posting. ;-)

  • Hi Corrie. This blog sounds like exactly what I need! Here’s to good reading ;)

  • Hello Corrie. I look forward to reading your new blog. Best of luck

  • Welcome! This should be a great blog to read (not to put you under pressure or anything!) ;)


  • Ah, finally a design blog on Sitepoint.
    Looking forward to what you have to say Corrie!

  • mpdesigns

    I am definitely excited to see what this blog has to offer. Who needs college. Sitepoint has enough content to get anyone well on their way to a robust IT career. Thats 80 grand in my pocket. Ha.

  • Cory M.

    Looking forward to it!

  • jimbov

    my summer has just started to become more interesting…

    Looking forward to your posts…

  • cgmullins41489

    Image design is my weakest point; I’ll be reading your posts with religious regularity, I guarantee it! :-D

  • About Time I’d say. I was wondering ever since SitePoint started its blogs, that why isn’t there a design blog?

    Looking forward to cool posts. :)

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