By Georgina Laidlaw

Welcome to On the Money!

By Georgina Laidlaw

Welcome to On the Money, SitePoint’s Website Revenue Strategies blog.

We’re pleased to introduce Chris Beasley, who’ll regularly be bringing you news, views, tips and tricks to help you create, evolve, and profit from your content Website.

Check back regularly to stay informed, and to gain experiential, anecdotal, and well-researched advice that will see your content site stay on the money!

  • Looking forward to reading your blog posts Chris. I’m really glad there is a blog like this now because I’m just starting out in the web publishing sector.

  • Lord Brar

    All I can say is : w0000000000t!!! Can’t wait to see what the master of eRiches has to say. :)

  • Great timing – I’m about to dive into the world of content-driven revenue sites! I’ll definately be keeping a close eye on this. :)

  • chris ward

    I’ll be running a dating/profile site network in 2006, so this should be an interesting read :)

  • lajkonik86

    hey chris.. i’m sort of wondering..
    How much do you earn?

  • This sounds like the exact blog I need! Awesome. :D

  • Welcome Chris, looking forward to reading what you have to write.

  • siteman123

    Looking forward to hearing your comments Chris. Sitepoint is a fantastic resource!

  • aneitlich

    Excellent! Welcome. Sitepoint readers are a great audience.

  • Great! Will be waiting for the first post!

  • lucky13

    Great news! Really looking forward to reading this blog.

  • Anonymous


  • sgrosvenor

    Looking forward to this!

  • Looking forward for this blog!
    (Hope it can help me make more money :) )

  • I’m ready for Chris to reveal ALL of his secrets :) :)

  • Yay!!!!!
    About Time!! ;) Looking forward to what Chris dishes out!! :)

  • I really think “On the Bling!” would entice more readers . . . but I also request that all my clients pay in diamonds and rims that spin.

    Sorry – a little lunch time humor never hurt anyone ;)

  • WebDevGuy

    this is a great idea – thanks!

  • Sounds good. We could always use some tips and tricks with this topic. Thanks and looking forward to it!

  • Chris must be too busy banking his checks to get started ;)

  • Ploonet-com

    Interesting, I’ll be looking forward to this.

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