By Georgina Laidlaw

Welcome to Key Words!

By Georgina Laidlaw

Welcome to Key Words: SitePoint’s Search Engine Marketing Blog.

We’re pleased to introduce expert search engine marketer Dan Thies, who’ll regularly bring you news, views, and updates on the search marketing scene from across the Web. Check back to stay one step ahead in the battle for stellar search results!

  • Very interesting. This shall be a blog that I will definately check out. I look forward to your posts, Dan! :)

    (Bonus points to the clever title “Key Words”).

  • Excellent!

    I’m confused? Will Dan be writing this blog or Georgina?

  • Yep, Dan will be writing it. G’s pic is just there cause she set it up.

  • Yes, I will be writing it… Georgina, I believe, deserves credit for the title, which I also like.


  • Great addition. Looking forward to this new blog indeed.

  • Great! I can’t wait.

  • About time! ;) This is a burgeoning field, and it’s always nice to see what the true “experts” have to add.

  • I look forward to reading some interesting stuff!

  • Sweet! I’m going to be checking up on this blog.

  • I am excited. I have really been getting into SEO lately.

  • Great! Looking forward to it :)

  • bring on your words wisdom Dan!

  • MarkB

    A fine addition to Sitepoint. Perhaps Dan can make the muddy world of SEO seem clear to us less-experienced types :)

  • hdsol

    Your stage awaits

  • Can’t wait – When does it start?

  • Yeah man, this will be great! Especially for people like me with a knowledge base pending from 0.0% to 0.05% :).

  • Wonderful addition!

  • How about some more about his background. :)

  • Great, this is an excellent addition!

  • Yeah, let’s here what makes you an expert in the field.

  • Welcome to new contributer. One thing to say: S E O doesn’t need expertise.

  • Actually, “Key Words” was Kevin Yank’s title idea. And a great title it is, too :-)

  • mediaman_12

    Can’t read this Blog (although it looks interesting). as a good inch of the left and right hand edges of the text column are covered over in Safari.

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