Welcome to Down to Business!

By Georgina Laidlaw

Welcome to Down to Business, SitePoint’s small Web business management blog.

We’re pleased to introduce Andrew Neitlich,who’ll report the latest tips, techniques, and industry developments as he helps you start, develop, and manage your small or freelance Web design or development business.

Check back to stay informed — if you’re serious about building your client list, portfolio, and financial stability, now’s the time to get Down to Business!

  • Fantastic! Looking forward to some excellent blogs.

  • Great idea! Sitepoint’s help for web developers is exceptional to say the least. Thank you for all you’ve done and continue to do.

  • Ravedesigns

    Glad to see you here Andrew and looking forward to what good advice I’m sure you’ll have for everyone!


  • george

    I look forward to seeing this blog develop! Our firm was born 3/1/2004. Since we are at the top of our game when it comes to producing quality work, we figured running a business would be a snap.

    Boy were we wrong. We didn’t have a clue how painful the adminstrative B/S would end up being. Any tips on how to minimize all that crap would be appreciated.


  • I always anjoy Andrews articles, looking forward to his blogs!

  • Excellent…glad I found this site.

  • I just spent about two hours going back over all the posts to this blog, and would like to compliment both the author of the blog, and the Sitepoint staff for selecting him. Well done, and I’m looking forward to more. :)

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