Welcome our New Blogger!

By Georgina Laidlaw

SitePoint is pleased to announce the appointment of its new PHP blogger, David Mytton, who brings a mix of practical and academic experience to the PHP blog.

Please welcome David to the PHP blog, feel free to send suggest posts on topics that are of particular interest, and check back for updates as David takes over the reigns of Dynamically Typed!


  • DrkFusion

    Welcome David!

  • Vennie

    enlighten us :)

  • Sorccu

    Welcome :)

  • charmedlover

    Welcome David. It will be interesting to see someone from Olate on SP. :p

  • Olate

    Thanks everyone – I’m looking forward to writing for the blog! My first post is coming up shortly…

  • Div By Zero

    Welcome David :)

  • eXplosive

    Welcome to the blog. Looking forward to some nice post.

  • Amit

    Welcome David!
    P.S: What topics would you like to start off with ?

  • Olate

    I intend to post technical articles with some real code examples to show a lot of PHP’s different features. So any new modules, PEAR packages or anything that you use and think is cool, let me know!

  • iFroggy

    Hey David. Welcome. :)

  • goofy

    Hi David and welcome to Sitepoint.

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