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Welcome to the quiz!

By Jacob Kaplan-Moss

Sharpen your pencils, dust off your keyboards, and put on your thinking caps — the Web Developer’s Quiz is coming.

So what’s this all about?

There’s no question that being a web developer is incredibly complicated. Most of us know the in’s and out’s of enough acronyms to choke a government agency: HTML, CSS, AJAX, SQL, XML, JSON, HTTP… Being a jack-of-all-trades is in the job description.

Piecing all these disparate technologies together often feels like doing a complicated jigsaw puzzle. For many of us, the best part of being a web geek is that “aha!” moment when the puzzle is finally solved.

But the brain’s a muscle: stop exercising it and it’ll atrophy. This quiz is designed to keep your web development brain strong; each week, I’ll post a question that only a web developer should be able to solve.

Since we all have such a disparate set of skills, I’ll aim to make these questions accessible to any web developer by focusing on the tools and technologies that we all know. I’ll usually post questions on Tuesday, and then post a follow-up with the answer over the weekend.

Meet your quizmaster

My name is Jacob Kaplan-Moss; I’m the lead developer at the Lawrence Journal-World, a family-owned newspaper in Lawrence, KS. If my name looks familiar, it’s probably because I’m also one of the lead developers of Django, an open-source web framework (which was just featured in a SitePoint tutorial written by a coworker of mine).

This is my first gig hosting a quiz show (yeah, a virtual one, but still…), but that doesn’t mean I’ll go easy; expect these questions to be as hard as I can make ’em.

Back after these messages…

So tune in tomorrow for the first question — a bit of a warm up to set the tone for questions to come.

See you there!

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