By Sam Deering

New Website Launch! … So what’s new?

By Sam Deering

I am proud to announce the new version of jQuery4u! You may have noticed it has been coming for quite a while now and I have been working hard on the new design and functionality. So what’s new?

New Look

The site has had a major makeover and now is a lot cleaner and easier on the eyes! Also the focus has been put back on the code with a new syntax highlighter and options to view plain or copy to clipboard. The new search pages for popular articles, demos, plugins & video tutorials should make it easier to find content of interest.


Hopefully you will see an improvement in the speed of the site as it has been moved onto Amazon Cloud (AWS EC2), we’ll see how it goes on a medium High CPU instance and this can obviously be scaled easily to meet spikes in traffic. MaxCDN will still provide us with content delivery in combination with WordPress Super Cache plugin.

Submit jQuery Plugins

You can now register into the jQuery4u community for free and submit your jQuery Plugins to gain exposure, ratings and valuable links.

Submit Javascript Video Tutorials

Along with submitting plugins you can also submit your JavaScript Video Tutorials for free with links to the official author profiles (hosted on YouTube or Vimeo).

Become an Author

You can also apply to be a author to write your own articles as we now have a fully working authoring system in place. This will provide you with the opportunity to gain exposure in the field and provide you with valuable links through to your websites and social networks. All authors also get a recognition profile area on the right sidebar!

  • MW

    Congratulations with the new site. I looks great!

  • jesusgy

    Excellent.. looks great.. including responsive site.. awesome.

    • Thanks guys much appreciated.

  • Beautiful site. I know you for about two weeks before the new launch, I’m already your fan, new site looks terrific

  • Narendra Patel

    Excellent !!!

  • Congratulations! Excellent UI, beautiful site, awesome responsive layout!!!

    • Thanks guys, I’m so happy with all the positive responses! Makes all the hard work worth the while! You can expect more features and updates soon I have a lot of plans and developments on the way! Stay tuned!

  • Bretto

    Very responsive, and good theme, good job

  • Congrats! Thanks too.

  • good job , great :)

  • Congratulation.Excellent site.

  • Kenny

    Congratulations for having a new look! Look great and excellent!

  • Nick

    Not a fan of the new UI for these reasons:

    1) A picture is worth a 1000 words and the new site is basically a wall of text now.

    2) Header is way too big, especially the buttons on the main page.

    3) Be a plugin database or a blog, but the mix just isn’t working for me.

    I wandered to this site a few months ago through some random link out there and bookmarked it. Unfortunately, I may be removing this from my list soon as it’s just not nearly as efficient in delivering new information anymore. Good luck in the future, hopefully you’ll revisit the design.

    • Hi Nick,

      Sorry to hear your not impressed with the new design. Do you have any suggestions on design, all welcome. Usability and speed come first. The focus has been put back on the code.

      The plugin area is only in early stages, it’s not to compete with the official site just to compliment it, further improvements will be made to it so it can be more useful.

      What do you think about the Video Tutorials section?



  • Anil Kumar

    I like this nice & excellent look. :)

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