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Webmasters.org Sells for $50k on SitePoint

Josh Catone

Forum and directory web site Webmasters.org sold late last night on SitePoint’s Marketplace for $50,000. The site was established in 1999 and is currently run as a small forum and directory site for webmasters.

Though the site was listed in the Established Web Sites category, with under 10,000 page views per month and reported revenue of about $25 monthly, the major asset of value was the domain. “[The] real value is in the domain. Secondary value is in age of site and number and age of links,” said seller Chad Horstman, who bought the property from the original owner.

The domain is a PR7, and though a .org TLD it clearly had enough value to place it among the top-tier of .org domain sales over the past year. Blogger Jeremy Schoemaker accurately predicted that Webmasters.org would sell in the $50k range, and thinks that it is a good buy for someone. “For someone who knows how to create a good subscription service for webmasters that could easily be a monthly profit within a year or so,” he said.

The $50k sale price is the highest we know of for a domain at SitePoint (though larger sales may have occurred in the pat via private message). Though this wasn’t strictly a domain sale, most observers of the auction agreed that Horstman was able to fetch his mid-five figures sale price due to the strength of the TLD.

Horstman, who has sold sites before via SitePoint, told us he was happy with the experience. “Other sites are like eBay and take a commission while SitePoint is so much better because it is a one time fee,” he said via email. “The taxman is already going to take enough! Also for a webmaster related site I figured this is the place to sell it.”

Congratulations to Horstman and the lucky buyer.