Lee Hodgson, Aug 28

Domain Name Goldrush Part 5 - the Mother of All Drops

Stop Press! Lee gives us the scoop on the latest ICANN Domain Drop - the biggest in domain name history. He gives us the details of the drop, and tips to grab the names you want!
Lee Hodgson, Aug 21

Domain Name Goldrush Part 4 - Expiring Domains Industry on Hold

In the latest update from the Domain Name front line, Lee explains the recent ICANN ruling that batch releases of expired domains be put on hold.
Steven Brier, Jul 20

Easily Remembered Makes Big Money

Need a low-cost, high-impact online strategy? Refine your Domain Branding approach. Steve's research reveals five key Domain Name categories that can boost your branding efforts for minial cost.
Lee Hodgson, Jun 22

Domain Name Goldrush Part 3 - Wild Wild West

Is the dropping domain bounty a thing of the past? In the third part in his series, Lee tells a tale of David and Goliath businesses battling for domains. But who will emerge the victor?
Wayne Ford, Jun 04

The Domain Name Free Ride

Every day thousands of expired domains become available for registration. Even if you already have a good domain, you can benefit from dropping names! Wayne shows us how...
Michael McCarthy, May 18

Web Hosting - Why Pay?

A good host can be hard to find - at the right price! And why should you pay when you can get hosting for free? As Mike explains, the answer depends on your site...
Adam Eisner, May 14

WebHosting Bandwidth - An Introduction

Buying bandwidth? Adam takes us through the basics - What is bandwidth? How much do you need? And how can you stop people stealing bandwidth you've paid for?
Lee Hodgson, May 05

Domain Name Goldrush Part 2 - Securing The Best Names

After the overwhelming interest in his first article, Lee answers a few of the more common questions, and reveals a wealth of closely-guarded industry secrets.
Eric Jones, Apr 30

Web Hosting Options

Follow Eric as he analyzes the technical side of choosing a Web hosting solution. He highlights the pros and cons of servers, systems, software and hardware for each option before settling on a suitable solution.
Lee Hodgson, Feb 19

Domain Name Goldrush Part 1 - The Rules of Play

If you've tried to register a domain name between 6.30 and 7.00 am (EST), chances are you haven't have been successful. What's going on? Is it because domain registration companies are too lazy to boot up the registration systems in the morning? No, it's something a lot more interesting...
Tony Bury, Nov 30

Dot Biz or Dot Com?

ICANN has released 7 new Top Level Domains(TLD's). Have they done justice to the entire Internet community or catered to a select few? We look at some pros and cons of the new TLD's.
Lee Hodgson, Nov 09

Domain Appraising Part II - The Road To Standardization

In Part I of the Domain Appraising series we explored the validity of 15 different services by putting them to the test. In Part II we look at ways to make appraisals more accurate.
Lee Hodgson, Sep 29

Domain Appraising - The Domain Name Fair Value Game

Are domain name valuations out of whack? We put 15 domain name valuation services to the test. Our results will surprise you...
JumpLine.com, May 14

8 Quick Tips to Choosing a Domain Name

Choosing a domain name is one of the most important decisions you will have to make for your eBusiness. Choose the wrong one, and you will regret it for ever. Choose the right one, and you may hit the jackpot! Here's some useful tips from Jumpline.com to get you started...
Jim Daniels, Jan 01

Crash! The Web Hosting Company from Hell

Read about Jim Daniels' experience with the webhosting company from hell.
Matt Mickiewicz, Dec 22

Moving Day: Switching Web Hosts

It's going to happen at least once to everyone. You either outgrow your web hosting company, they don't support a new feature that you need, or they just bite. Find out what's involved in moving your website!