Glenn Goodrich, Sep 14

RubySource: Rails Deep Dive: Loccasions, Authentication

In the last post , we finished our first user story. That user story was pretty simple, but it flushed out the design of our home page. The next user story, As an administrator, I want to invite users to Loccasions is not quite so simple. The implications from this user story are big: First, we have a new role, administrator, which brings our roles to two (unregistered user and administrator).
Nick Randolph, Sep 12

BuildMobile: Theory of a Cloud Based Photo Sharing App using Windows Phone and Azure

In the next couple of posts we’re going to go on a bit of a tangent and discuss how you can connect your Windows Phone application to the cloud. Whilst a lot of these concepts can be applied to any of the cloud service providers, for the purpose of this discussion we’re going to focus on Windows Azure. The example we’re going to work through is a photo sharing style application, Capture TechEd, which was actually created in preparation for my Phone+Cloud session at the recent TechEd NZ and TechEd Australia events.
Paul Bridgestock, Sep 01

BuildMobile: The Future of WebOS

Not very long ago when we were planning the launch of our humble magazine BuildMobile, which you are reading right now, the content strategy included coverage of the nebulous WebOS mobile operating system. Come launch time, there wasn’t enough traction to include it in our platform categories, but we were hopeful for the future. WebOS in 60 Seconds WebOS is a mobile operating system based on the Linux Kernal Initially developed by Palm and first released in January 2009 Acquired by Hewlett-Packard in April 2010 for US$1.2b WebOS uses a “card” UI with a left-to-right flick for app swithcing, flick up for “off” The WebOS broswer, called simply “Web” is based on the WebKit layout engine WebOS “Synergy” feature integrates information from many cloud services into a single list Devices include the Pre , the Pixi and the Veer phones, then the HP TouchPad HP announced in March 2011 that WebOS would run within Windows by the end of 2011 On 18th August 2011 HP announced it would discontinue operations for WebOS devices Potentially even more HP TouchPads will be made and sold at a loss Web Standards based Native Apps A feature that was full of promise, and partly responsible for the underdog adoration WebOS attracted from developers worldwide, is that web technologies like HTML, CSS and Javascript are first class tools for developing native apps for the platform, with full access to hardware APIs like the camera.
Mal Curtis, Aug 31

BuildMobile: Wicked iOS Range Slider: Part One

One of the commonly used iOS controls is the slider control. It’s a great, all purpose slider, that allows you to quickly swipe your finger along the screen to set a value. Things get a little complicated when you want to create a range of values however. The options are somewhat limited.
David Ogden, Aug 29

CloudSpring: Getting Past Cloud Stigma

In the past few years, the “cloud” has become a major buzzword. It’s gotten to the point where, when people hear the word “cloud” they roll their eyes. There are many factors that contribute to this stigma. Oftentimes, people who are new to cloud technologies, but familiar with traditional hosting, will say, “The cloud is just the ‘Internet’ right?
Larry Glover, Aug 25

CloudSpring: Seeding for Cloud Bursts

The holy grail for any business is to build a relationship with its customers that sticks. The relationship is designed to be so strong that it ensures customers keep coming back for every possible need. Retailers, defined as any business providing a finished product to its customers, are especially driven to build these sticky relationships since customers can generally move their business to competitors with relative ease.
Jeff Barr, Aug 23

CloudSpring: How to Characterize the Cloud

Now that you have a basic understanding of what a cloud is and how it works, let’s enumerate and dive in to some of its most useful attributes and characteristics. After spending years talking about Amazon Web Services in public forums, I’ve found that characterization is often more effective than definition when it comes to con-veying the essence of the Amazon Web Services, and what it can do. General Characteristics Here are some general characteristics of the Amazon Web Services.
Jeff Barr, Aug 22

Cloud Misconceptions

After talking to thousands of people over the last few years, I’ve learned that there are a lot of misconceptions floating around the cloud. Some of this is due to the inherent unease that many feel with anything new. Other misconceptions reflect the fact that all the technologies are evolving rapidly, with new services and features appearing all the time.
Caleb Ogden, Aug 17

CloudSpring: Cloud Computing for Small Business

In just the past few years, cloud computing has moved from novel idea, to industry standard – and for good reason. Whether your looking for security or scalability, the cloud is fast becoming the solution of choice for hosting. The best part is anyone can make the switch; you don’t have to be in the Fortune 500 to start reaping the benefits of the cloud. There are a myriad of options when choosing a host, but for the purposes of this article we’ll be focusing on Amazon’s EC2 Cloud, and the collection of tools associated within their stellar service
David Ogden, Aug 17

CloudSpring: Getting Started with the AWS PHP SDK

Getting Started with AWS PHP SDK Amazon AWS S3 is a robust storage solution for the internet. It can be used to store and retrieve any amount of data, at any time, from anywhere on the web. With S3 you get access to highly scalable, reliable, secure, fast, inexpensive infrastructure for your web app. In the coming weeks I’ll be creating a series of tutorials that show you how to do amazing things using Amazon S3 and other Amazon AWS services
Larry Glover, Aug 17

CloudSpring: Mobile Apps, Clouds and Cloud Bursts

Many of my developer friends like to tell me, “The web is dead.  Long live mobile!” My apologies to them and the subscribers over on BuildMobile…but not so fast, my friends! I wholeheartedly agree there are tremendous opportunities in the mobile app market.  Heck, I love an angry bird as much as the next guy, but mobile apps alone (those limited in functionality to the mobile phone or tablet) are nothing more than productivity enablers.  They help when we’re untethered from our computers to track expenses, take notes, play games, etc.  Just like spreadsheet programs and word processing programs on early-generation PC’s allowed us to be productive when we were un-cabled from the mainframe, mobile apps give us the benefit of being productive when we’re on the road and isolated from the web. But seriously, that limited definition of a mobile app—that being an app with functionality constrained to a single platform, cell phone or tablet—has long been altered by most of us. I’m sure there are some holdouts that disagree and I’ll hear from both of those Palm developers still out there. Just kidding! I can still crank out COBOL and Assembler code too.  But why would I
David Ogden, Aug 17

CloudSpring: Cloud Storage for Web Designers

The cloud is not just for programmers anymore. Most cloud providers have simple, intuitive interfaces for managing cloud products and services. As a web designer, understanding how you can use these services can make your work life much better. Let’s review some of the common misconceptions that prevent web designers from diving into the world of cloud computing: Myth: Cloud storage is only useful when you need massive scalability
Larry Glover, Aug 17

CloudSpring: How to Use Cloud Computing to Create New Business Opportunities

By now, most of the world has defined cloud computing to match their own use of new services and solutions. Every impacted stakeholder in the organization has their own definition of the “cloud” although they may not know what it means in general to IT industry stakeholders. To the developer, coding for the cloud means building new, but not entirely unusual, interfaces for accessing and managing data; maybe learning a new protocol or programming language.
David Ogden, Aug 17

CloudSpring: Dynamic Image Delivery with CloudFront

Images can cause major headaches for web app developers, especially if your app allows users to upload their own images. They are problematic for two reasons: Images are Bulky Compared to most other types of data you store (other than video), images take the most space. Images Need to be Resized For both aesthetic and performance reasons, images must be resized for use in different parts of your application. You need thumbnails, headers, inline-floats, and detailed zoom versions of your images.
Aaron Osteraas, Aug 17

Welcome to CloudSpring!

Hello everyone and welcome to CloudSpring! CloudSpring is the newest addition in the SitePoint family and will be bringing you Tutorials, News and more on all things related to Cloud Computing. If there’s something you would like to see comment below and we’ll be sure to make it happen. Maybe you’re a writer and you’d like to contribute? CloudSpring is currently seeking to strengthen it’s writing team, you can get started by sending me an email !
Craig Buckler, Jul 29

Will You Use Google's New Page Speed Service?

Google has released a Page Speed Service which combines proxy servers, CDNs and web page optimizers to make websites 25-60% faster. Craig discusses the pros and cons.
Derek Vaughan, Apr 23

Reseller Hosting Explained

We explain what reseller hosting is, and how it can benefit developers in increasing their income by providing reseller hosting to their clients.
Khurram Shehzad, Jan 29

Dedicated Hosting Comparison: a Review of 10 Dedicated Hosting Plans

When your site or application grows beyond what can be supported with shared or even VPS hosting, perhaps it's time to look for a dedicated server. Countless companies provide dedicated hosting, and the features of their offerings can be difficult to untangle. In this week's article, Khurram guides us through ten different entry-level plans and points out their pros and cons to help you make an informed decision.
Akash Mehta, Jun 03

Web Host Smackdown: 6 Hosting Plans Reviewed

Does your web host offer all the features you need? Akash Mehta puts six developer-friendly web hosts through their paces. Which reigns supreme?
Peter T Davis, Mar 05

Making Domains Your Business

Unlike site flipping, domaining allows you to reap the benefits of investing in a web site without having to spend time giving your (virtual) property a facelift. In this article, Peter gives an insider's tips on how to identify, value, buy, and sell domains.
Mara Miller, Feb 13

Hit the Jackpot! How to Find Money-making Domains

Buying parked or active domains can be risky business -- unless you have Mara's step-by-step guide to weeding the garbage from the gems. Here, she explains three methods for assessing the traffic a domain receives, and details the research you should undertake to ensure you make the right purchase.
Tom Haddon, Oct 21

Do you Need a Virtual Private Server?

If you want more control over your hosting, but you're not quite ready for a co-located server, VPS hosting might be just what you're after. In this quick-and-dirty guide, Tom introduces the concept of VPS hosting, explains the pros and cons, and outlines the points you should consider in deciding to use this form of hosting.
Derek Vaughan, Sep 27

Why Google Will Defeat Yahoo! in the Web Hosting War

Google as the next *hosting* giant? Derek explains why the biggest name in search is destined to become the biggest name in hosting in this fast-paced Q and A. It's a must-read for the avid Web-watcher!
Derek Vaughan, Apr 03

New Top Level Domains Launched by ICANN

ICANN recently released the details of 9 new TLD proposals. The proposals come from all corners of the globe, and all areas of commerce. Derek outlines each in detail, and preempts the potential for an Internet land-grab when the approved names become official...