Mislav Javor, Jun 14

Debugging with Truffle CLI

Mislav Javor explores the Solidity debugger bundled with the Truffle Suite.
Tonino Jankov, Jun 13

How to Migrate WooCommerce to Alibaba Cloud ECS with Let's Encrypt

Alibaba Cloud is a provider that is gaining significant visibility as of late. One of the main products it offers is ECS (Elastic Compute Service) or, to put it into simpler terms, a flexible, cloud-based VPS.
Ahmed Bouchefra, Jun 13

Flattening Contracts and Debugging with Remix

Ahmed Bouchefra shows how to use Truffle and OpenZeppelin to build a simple token, then used truffle-flattener to flatten the custom contract and Remix IDE to start debugging the contract for errors.
Tonino Jankov, Jun 12

Making Your Website Faster and Safer with Cloudflare

Tonino Jankov introduces Cloudflare, a website performance and security service, explaining how it works and how to get started using it.
Bruno Skvorc, Jun 12

MetaMask: a Simple Way to use the Ethereum Blockchain

Bruno Skvorc introduces MetaMask, a simple and practical solution for using the Ethereum blockchain and keeping Ether in your browser, contributing greatly to the mainstream-ization of blockchain technology and cryptocurrency.
Mislav Javor, Jun 12

Truffle Migrations Explained

Mislav Javor outlines techniques for using Truffle to automate most of your blockchain deployments and reduce much of the boilerplate work involved in the development of decentralized applications.
Mislav Javor, Jun 11

Truffle: Testing Smart Contracts

Mislav Javor explains how to test smart contracts, using both Truffle and JavaScript.
Tonino Jankov, Jun 11

Quality Solidity Code with OpenZeppelin and Friends

Tonino Jankov goes through some of the available resources for writing good, production ready smart contracts on the Ethereum Virtual Machine.
Mislav Javor, Jun 08

Introducing Truffle, a Blockchain Smart Contract Suite

Mislav Javor introduces Truffle, a very handy tool that makes development in the blockchain ecosystem a little easier. aiming to bring standards and common practices from the rest of the development world into a little corner of blockchain experimentation.
Jesse Krasnostein, Jun 07

How to Integrate MongoDB Atlas and Segment using MongoDB Stitch

Learn how to tie multiple systems, APIs, and third-party services together using MongoDB Stitch.
Tonino Jankov, Jun 06

How to Deploy a WordPress Site on Alibaba Cloud SAS

How to deploy a WordPress site on Alibaba Cloud's Simple Application Server, using WP-CLI and configured extras like SSL.
Michiel Mulders, Jun 04

Solidity Pitfalls: Random Number Generation for Ethereum

This article will guide you through the best practices and pitfalls when using a random number as input for your Ethereum smart contract.
Robert Walters, Jun 01

Getting Started with Python and MongoDB

In this article, you will learn how to work with MongoDB articles in Python, using the PyMongo driver.
Darren Jones, May 31

Alibaba Cloud, AWS & DigitalOcean: Cloud Services Compared

In this post we're going to take a look at 3 of the big cloud providers - AWS, Alibaba Cloud and Digital Ocean - and compare them.
SitePoint Team, May 30

SITE123: A Website Builder to Save Time and Money

Spend a few minutes, make a few little adjustments, upload your content, and you will have a stunning website with SITE123.
Shaik Ismail, May 27

Understand Web Development in Less than 1 Hour

This article explains what web development is, by exploring how it started and how it evolved.
Mateja Kendel, May 27

5 Free Token Airdrops You Can Claim Now

Airdrops are a great marketing tactic used by various cryptocurrency projects to increase liquidity and adoption, as well as drive Google traffic.
SitePoint Team, May 22

Developer Economics Survey: Your Chance to Win Prizes & Voice Opinions

Is JavaScript giving you headaches? Do you wish other developers knew how important Swift and Rust will be in the coming years?
Jeff Cleverley, May 18

5 Steps to Installing WordPress with LEMP on Alibaba Cloud

In this article however, we will discover how to deploy a WordPress website on a LEMP stack.
David Attard, May 18

15 Bootstrap Tools and Playgrounds

David Attard reviews 15 Bootstrap tools and playgrounds for improving your workflow and making it easier to get started with the Bootstrap CSS Framework.
Jay Gordon, May 17

Distributed App Deployment with Kubernetes & MongoDB Atlas

I cover how MongoDB Atlas and Kubernetes can be leveraged together to simplify the process of deploying and managing applications and their dependencies.
Adam Roberts, May 17

How to Use Service Workers to Communicate Across Browser Tabs

Front-end lead Tim Evko discusses things he's focused on lately, including a new use for service workers. Part of a Versioning interview series.
SitePoint Team, May 15

BeTheme: The WordPress Theme that Follows the Latest Design Trends

BeTheme is a WordPress theme that has kept up with the latest in design. Here are examples of the 8 most stunning trends.
Leo Zheng, May 11

Cloud Data Strategies: Preventing Data Black Holes in the Cloud

Why are we going on about black holes, gravitational effects, and points of no return? Because something analogous is happening right now in computing.