Nick Janetakis, Aug 10

Securing Your Website with HTTPS Is More Important than Ever

Nick Janetakis shows you how to secure your website with HTTPS and Let's Encrypt in under three hours.
Andrew McDermott, Aug 09

3 Unexpected Signals Employers Send Before They Fire You

Andrew McDermott provides pointers on how to tell you're about to be fired, and tips on what you can do about it.
Ben Schwarz, Jul 28

Building a Better Web with Automated Testing on Real Devices

Ben Schwarz argues the case for making the web fast for everyone with automated web app testing on real devices.
Zack Wallace, Jul 27

The Best Markdown Editor for Windows

Zack Wallace puts a collection of Windows Markdown editors through their paces, and comes away with a winner.
Design & UX
James George, Jul 26

7 Super-Useful Chrome Extensions for Designers in 2017

James George lets us in on his 7 most-favorite Chrome extensions for designers, including a new design app called Gravit that works solely in the browser!
Chris Erwin, Jul 26

Off With Your Head! Build Better Web Apps with a Headless CMS

Chris Erwin shows how to build a simple web app using Elemeno, a headless CMS, and a typical Node.js development stack.
Adrian Try, Jul 25

The Best Markdown Editors for Mac

Adrian Try covers a selection of the best Markdown editors for Mac, to help you choose which is the best for you.
John Sonmez, Jul 19

The Software Developer's Guide to Salary Negotiation

John Sonmez guides software developers on how to ensure the best possible deal from salary negotiations.
Craig Buckler, Jul 13

7 of the Best Code Playgrounds

Craig Buckler lists 7 code playgrounds to experiment with your front-end code. Every developer likes to play with code, which one is your favorite?
Ralph Mason, Jul 13

Grab Our Free Printable Markdown Cheat Sheet

Authors writing for publications are more and more expected to submit their writing in Markdown format, so it pays to be familiar with this simple syntax.
Design & UX
Daniel Schwarz, Jul 13

Punctuation & Grammar: Bridging the Gap Between UX and Copywriting

Daniel Schwarz discusses UX writing, why it's important for designers to be excellent writers, and how punctuation can make copy look and sound appealing.
Jacco Blankenspoor, Jul 10

How to Create a Portfolio Site That Will Get You Hired

In today’s market competition is fierce, which means you need to stand out. Here's a guide to building a portfolio site that will get people's attention.
Ralph Mason, Jul 07

Grab Our Free Printable Docker Cheat Sheet

Grab SitePoint's free Docker cheat sheet, which gathers all the commands you’re most likely to need in your Docker workflow.
Design & UX
Alex Walker, Jul 06

6 Clever SVG Pattern Generators for Your Next Design

Though SVG Patterns aren't super widely understood, they offer a lot of really interesting design options – once you get your head around them.
James Kolce, Jul 05

KeystoneJS: The Best Node.js Alternative to WordPress

KeystoneJS is a content management system and framework for Node.js. James Kolce takes a look at its main features and asks if it's a WordPress alternative.
Abhimanyu Godara, Jul 04

Chat Bots and the Future of Web Development

Frameworks, NLP and conversational UX will be key in the paradigm shift towards AI, messaging and chatbots. What can developers and designers do to keep up?
Jeff Smith, Jul 04

Why Net Neutrality Matters to Web Professionals

Have you heard of net neutrality? Do you know why it should matter to you, not only as a web citizen and consumer, but also as a web professional?
Craig Buckler, Jul 03

Should Users be Permitted to Disable JavaScript?

Craig Buckler takes a renewed look at why, in 2017, some users might disable JavaScript and asks if progressive enhancement is still worth the effort.
Craig Buckler, Jul 03

Which Browsers Should Your Website Support?

How do you choose a set of applications from an ever-changing landscape of devices, operating systems and browsers? Craig discusses pragmatic options.
Craig Buckler, Jul 03

How to Get Started with Your Website Content Security Policy

Your website is open to attack from a range of third-party components. Fortunately, you can restrict their activities with a robust Content Security Policy.
Design & UX
Daniel Schwarz, Jun 28

Fonts and Colors Used by Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and More

A cheatsheet of the fonts and colors used by Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Messenger, Snapchat, Instagram and Pinterest, with links to brand asset info.
M. David Green, Jun 27

Taking Responsive Web Design Beyond the Visual

In this episode of the Versioning Show, David and Tim are joined by Chris Ward, a technical writer, blogger and web developer.
John Sonmez, Jun 27

The Software Developer's Guide to Getting a Job

John Sonmez offers tips and tricks on how to help software developers get a job, including ways to think outside the box and take control of the process.
Jatin Shridhar, Jun 26

Introduction to Kubernetes: How to Deploy a Node.js Docker App

Need to deploy multiple Docker containers? Jatin Shridar looks at Kubernetes: a tool for automated deployment, scaling, and management of docker containers.
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