Eric Stone, Nov 09

Automating Amazon EC2 Instance Backup and Recovery, Part Two

Part Two: Recovering an EC2 Instance from a Snapshot. Skill Level: Intermediate. Operating System(s): Linux.
Chris Roberts, Nov 07

PHPMaster: Code Templates, AutoHotKey, and Ditto: Speeding Up Development

Writing an application in PHP or any other language is both a rewarding and sometimes challenging endeavor. It’s also a time consuming process depending on the complexity of the project you’re working on. Some IDEs have built in tools or plugins that aim to speed up the programming process.
Abdullah Abouzekry, Oct 29

PHPMaster: Localizing PHP Applications “The Right Way”, Part 1

New audiences around the world access the Internet every second, most of whom would be delighted to find your content in their mother tongue. You might think you only need a good translator to translate the user interface of your website, an easy task nowadays given how easy it is to find one, but the bigger challenge isn’t translating or writing multilingual content… it’s writing the code behind the scenes. Localizing software applications in general used to be a cumbersome and error-prone task resulting in a lot of messy code. Some developers even use different versions of code for the same application but for different locales, which makes managing the codebase practically impossible.
Alexander Kolesnikov, Oct 27

BuildMobile: Creating a Graph With Quartz 2D: Part 4

In this series of articles I am discussing the creation of charts and graphs using nothing more than Quartz 2D, a graphics rendering API created by Apple, which is a part of Core Graphics. You might wish to get up to speed with Part 1 , Part 2 and Part 3 . Our graphs look great, but there are a couple of things missing. First, it is common to have labels that show the scale of values, to number the data points, to provide some comments and so on.
Craig Buckler, Oct 26

Happy 10th Birthday Windows XP

Windows XP has reached its 10th birthday. Craig discusses why it remains popular and the problems it causes for web developers.
Alexander Kolesnikov, Oct 19

BuildMobile: Creating a Graph With Quartz 2D: Part 3

To create a line graph, I am going to reuse the same project that we used for drawing bars in the previous part of the series. We won’t need the logic for drawing bars anymore, so comment out a dozen of lines of code in the end of the drawRect method, those that deal with bars. I’ve also changed the value of kOffsetX to 0, so that the line graph starts from the left edge of the view. We’ll need to add a couple of values to the dataset, and you can choose any values between 0 and 1
John Degner, Oct 18

CloudSpring: From Zero to Cloud: Setting up an EC2 Sandbox, Part 2

This is the second post in a three part series focused on setting up EC2 as a sandbox for application developers. I assume you have an AWS account with Amazon; if you don’t, please read Part 1 to learn how easy it is to sign up. In this installment we’ll see how to configure our development environment and install an Amazon Machine Instance (AMI) to run our applications. Configuring your Development Environment Before we get too carried away, let’s make sure our local client is ready to go.
Nick Randolph, Sep 29

BuildMobile: What’s New in Windows Phone Mango

Ever since Windows Phone first shipped almost a year ago there has been almost endless discussion about what the next update/version will include. The first major update earlier in the year saw the introduction of copy-and-paste, clearly something that was supposed to be in the first release but just didn’t make the pre-Christmas deadline set in order to ship the first round of devices. Since then the focus has been on Windows Phone Mango, an update to not only the consumer experience on the device but also a major refresh of all the development tools, APIs and even marketplace.
John Degner, Sep 29

PHPMaster: From Zero to Cloud: Setting up an EC2 Sandbox, Part 2

This is the second post in a three part series focused on setting up EC2 as a sandbox for application developers. I assume you have an AWS account with Amazon; if you don’t, please read Part 1 to learn how easy it is to sign up. In this installment we’ll see how to configure our development environment and install an Amazon Machine Instance (AMI) to run our applications.
Chris Pentago, Sep 28

BuildMobile: How Mobile Phones Work

Mobile phones have become a ubiquitous part of modern life. It is estimated that there are over five billion cell phones currently in use, covering a large portion of the world’s population. However, most people who use mobile phones do not understand how they work. This article demonstrates how a combination of sophisticated radio technology and computer security create the mobile phone systems many take for granted
Bruce Cooper, Sep 25

BuildMobile: Android Layouts: Resolution and Orientation Solutions

Android applications face a number of challenges that other mobile platforms may not have to deal with (yet). Android is available on a wide variety of hardware, each having a different screen size and pixel density (DPI), sometimes with a physical keyboard and sometimes without a touch screen (e.g. Google TV).
Alexander Kolesnikov, Sep 25

BuildMobile: Creating a Graph With Quartz 2D

When I joined the team I have been working with recently, they were trying to create a graph using Core Plot, a popular third party library. It didn’t go well though, there were two big problems. First, they couldn’t use a custom image for the graph’s background, as was required by the designer.
Aaron Osteraas, Sep 20

BuildMobile: Write for BuildMobile!

BuildMobile is looking for talented authors to join it’s team. We’ve got a large demand for a wide range of topics and we simply can’t keep up! If you think you can write on these any of these topics, then get in touch below. Mobile Application Design Small Screen Website Design Responsive Web Design Objective-C for iOS Java for Android jQuery Mobile Zepto.js Backbone.js jQTouch Appcelerator Titanium PhoneGap Sencha Touch Content Strategy on Mobile Mobile News and Events Send your ideas or what you’d like to write about through to us now! It might be worthwhile having a quick read of the About and Contribute sections of BuildMobile. Once you’re set, please email The Editor where fame and fortune awaits!
Nick Randolph, Sep 19

BuildMobile: Migrating iOS Apps to Windows Phone

Nick Randolph looks at how you can use developer and designer tools to assist in porting your application from iOS to Windows Phone, and why you may want to.
Claudio Lassala, Sep 12

RubySource: Putting Ruby, Rails, C#, and ASP.NET in context

I’ve noticed there’s quite a bit of misunderstanding among .NET developers as to what Ruby or Rails are, and how those compare to what they came to know and love in .NET. I know I didn’t understand it myself for a while. The following comments, drawn from my two previous posts ( Switching to Ruby from .NET and Why should a .NET developer look into Ruby or Ruby on Rails ) serve to illustrate my point: “Had a look at Ruby but no thanks, .NET remains the way for me.” “…are there demos or samples of Ruby on Rails that can compare with the web apps that I can create with ASP.NET or Silverlight, and components like DevExpress for the ASP.NET MVC? Is there something like that in Ruby?” While the first comment compares Ruby to .NET, which is a comparison between a language and an entire development platform, the second comment mixes html-based applications with rich client applications built on Silverlight, brings 3rd part visual controls into the equation, and wonders whether such controls are available in Ruby (a language…)
Nick Randolph, Sep 12

BuildMobile: Theory of a Cloud Based Photo Sharing App using Windows Phone and Azure

In the next couple of posts we’re going to go on a bit of a tangent and discuss how you can connect your Windows Phone application to the cloud. Whilst a lot of these concepts can be applied to any of the cloud service providers, for the purpose of this discussion we’re going to focus on Windows Azure. The example we’re going to work through is a photo sharing style application, Capture TechEd, which was actually created in preparation for my Phone+Cloud session at the recent TechEd NZ and TechEd Australia events.
Paul Bridgestock, Sep 08

BuildMobile: The Elephant in the WebOS Room

The Future of WebOS seems uncertain, so when the opportunity to listen to the VP of Worldwide Developer Relations knocks, you open the door. And so it was as I walked in to The Establishment in Sydney last night, in attendance for the WebOS Connect event. WebOS Connect Richard Kerris took the stage for less than ten minutes.
Mal Curtis, Sep 05

BuildMobile: Wicked iOS Range Slider: Part Two

In part one of this mini series, we tackled the question of implementing a slider when you want to create a range of values, not just one. If you haven’t read part one, you’ll be feeling a little bit lost so I advise you go and check out iOS Range Slider: Part One . Still with us?
Paul Bridgestock, Sep 02

BuildMobile: Thanks Steve

“ I believe Apple’s brightest and most innovative days are ahead of it. And I look forward to watching and contributing to its success in a new role. I have made some of the best friends of my life at Apple, and I thank you all for the many years of being able to work alongside you.
Paul Bridgestock, Sep 01

BuildMobile: The Future of WebOS

Not very long ago when we were planning the launch of our humble magazine BuildMobile, which you are reading right now, the content strategy included coverage of the nebulous WebOS mobile operating system. Come launch time, there wasn’t enough traction to include it in our platform categories, but we were hopeful for the future. WebOS in 60 Seconds WebOS is a mobile operating system based on the Linux Kernal Initially developed by Palm and first released in January 2009 Acquired by Hewlett-Packard in April 2010 for US$1.2b WebOS uses a “card” UI with a left-to-right flick for app swithcing, flick up for “off” The WebOS broswer, called simply “Web” is based on the WebKit layout engine WebOS “Synergy” feature integrates information from many cloud services into a single list Devices include the Pre , the Pixi and the Veer phones, then the HP TouchPad HP announced in March 2011 that WebOS would run within Windows by the end of 2011 On 18th August 2011 HP announced it would discontinue operations for WebOS devices Potentially even more HP TouchPads will be made and sold at a loss Web Standards based Native Apps A feature that was full of promise, and partly responsible for the underdog adoration WebOS attracted from developers worldwide, is that web technologies like HTML, CSS and Javascript are first class tools for developing native apps for the platform, with full access to hardware APIs like the camera.
Mal Curtis, Aug 31

BuildMobile: Wicked iOS Range Slider: Part One

One of the commonly used iOS controls is the slider control. It’s a great, all purpose slider, that allows you to quickly swipe your finger along the screen to set a value. Things get a little complicated when you want to create a range of values however. The options are somewhat limited.
Nick Randolph, Aug 29

BuildMobile: YouTube and FourSquare from a Windows Phone App

The last couple of sites that I want to cover in this series on authentication from your Windows Phone application are YouTube and FourSquare . The former uses OAuth 1, whilst the latter uses OAuth 2. YouTube (i.e.
Nick Randolph, Aug 22

BuildMobile: Windows Phone Controls

The combination of Visual Studio and Expression Blend makes designing and developing Windows Phone applications relatively simple. However, it also makes it easy to use the standard controls without understanding their full capabilities. In this post we’re going to look at a few of the Windows Phone controls that ship with the SDK in more detail.
Nick Randolph, Aug 15

BuildMobile: Flickr from a Windows Phone App

The next cab off the authentication rank is Flickr . In the preceding posts you’ll have already seen a couple of implementations of OAuth 1. Unfortunately whilst Flickr claims that they implement OAuth Core 1.0 Revision A it would appear that this is not the case for Windows Phone applications.