Craig Buckler, Aug 18

Microsoft Edge: the Review

Craig reviews Microsoft's new browser, Edge. Will it help the company move beyond the tainted Internet Explorer brand?
Craig Buckler, Aug 05

Browser Trends August 2015: Chrome Exceeds 50%

Craig takes another look at the browser chart. Chrome is now used by more than more than half of desktop web users and mobile usage has rocketed.
Design & UX
Alex Walker, Jul 22

Dots, Dashes and Dudes Behaving Badly

New technologies have a way of shaking up the status quo and there's usually someone not happy about it.
Simon Julian, Jul 20

Big News: Introducing SitePoint Premium

Today, we’re proud to announce SitePoint Premium, a membership subscription for web developers.
Craig Buckler, Jul 15

Best Programming Languages For Job Demand and Salaries, 2015

Are you looking to learn a new language? Craig examines those which are most advertised and well-paid. But does that make them the best?
Craig Buckler, Jul 03

Browser Trends July 2015: Stalled Safari?

Craig takes his monthly look at the browser chart. Can Chrome reach one in two web users? Has mobile usage increased again? Has Safari become the new IE?
Ophelie Lechat, Jun 17

SitePoint News: We’ve partnered with UX Mastery

UX Mastery books are now available on LEarnable, SitePoint's learning platform.
Craig Buckler, Jun 05

Browser Trends June 2015: The Battle for Second Place

Craig takes his regular look at the browser chart. Chrome may have won the war but the battle for second place between Firefox and IE has just begun.
Craig Buckler, Jun 03

2Mb Web Pages: Who's to Blame?

The average web page now exceeds 2Mb. Craig discusses why we've given in to client demands for more features and how we can put performance on the agenda.
Ophelie Lechat, May 20

Big News for the Domain Industry: Flippa Acquires Domain Holdings

We’re thrilled to announce that Flippa, the world’s largest marketplace for buying and selling domains, websites and apps, is now even better.
Elio Qoshi, May 18

What's New in Firefox 38

Elio Qoshi looks at Firefox 38, supporting responsive images via picture and srcset, web workers with WebSockets, and DRM via Encrypted Media Extensions.
Craig Buckler, May 04

Browser Trends May 2015: Can Microsoft Regain the Edge?

Craig takes his monthly look at the web browser chart and discusses the official name and logo for Microsoft's Spartan project.
Craig Buckler, Apr 15

The 2015 Stack Overflow Developer Survey

Are you a self-taught developer under 30 using Notepad++ to write full-stack code? According to Stack Overflow, you probably are. Craig analyses the 2015 developer survey.
Bruno Skvorc, Apr 12

Bittorrent's Maelstrom: Using Torrents to Host Websites

Maelstrom is Bittorrent's ambitious project which allows users to load websites via torrent magnet links - decentralized, free hosting for everyone!
Kyle Vermeulen, Apr 09

How Do You Keep Up?

SitePoint's Kyle Vermeulen asks how web developers keep up with the latest developments in an industry that's constantly changing.
Craig Buckler, Apr 07

Browser Trends April 2015: StatCounter vs NetMarketShare

The browser market is relatively quiet so Craig takes the opportunity to explain the differences between StatCounter and NetMarketShare.
Craig Buckler, Apr 01

The Web Runs Out of Disk Space

The world will soon be generating 50 zettabytes of data every year. Hard disk manufacturers cannot keep pace with demand and the web could fail within days.
Adam Roberts, Mar 26

Learn Better and Show Off Easier, Thanks to Bluehost and SitePoint Premium

Adam Roberts outlines a great new deal from Bluehost and SitePoint Premium. Sign up for Bluehost's Starter plan for $3.50/month and get a year's free SitePoint Premium access.
Craig Buckler, Mar 05

Vivaldi: Opera's Spiritual Successor

Vivaldi is a new browser developed by ex-Opera employees. Craig reviews the features and concludes it's what Opera 15+ should have been.
Craig Buckler, Mar 03

Browser Trends March 2015: Renewed Interest in Opera?

Following bizarre US IE8 usage patterns in 2014, the browser market returned to normal. Chrome had a small increase but Opera is also attracting attention.
Craig Buckler, Feb 11

Browser Trends February 2015: The US IE8 Rebound

IE8 usage in the USA trebled during December 2014. Craig has analyzed the latest StatCounter numbers to discover whether the hike continued into the new year.
James Hibbard, Feb 06

On Our Radar This Week: Zombies and UX Gaffes

In this week's round-up of the biggest web news, James looks at common ux gaffes and their solutions, Twitter bootstrap and things you can do with gulp
Craig Buckler, Jan 28

Microsoft Spartan and the Future for Internet Explorer

Spartan is Microsoft's attempt to break free from Internet Explorer's tainted legacy. Craig discusses how it could help Microsoft, users and web developers.
James Hibbard, Jan 23

On Our Radar This Week: Monolithic Frameworks and Firefox OS

In this week's round-up of the biggest web news, James looks at the state of client-side frameworks, Swift's rapid rise in popularity and Mozilla's new OS