Using Bookmark's AIDA to Build Your Website in 2 Minutes

James George takes a look at Bookmark's website builder and its new artificial intelligence system AIDA.
James George, 4 days ago

How Do I Install a Bitbucket Server?

If you decide that your organization's needs are best met by your own Bitbucket server, there are several paths that can get you there....
M. David Green, Jul 01

UX Research, Analytics, and Dark Patterns, with Luke Hay

In this episode of the Versioning Show, Tim and David talk with Luke Hay, a user experience professional and author.
M. David Green, 5 days ago

When Does it Make Sense to Use a Bitbucket Server?

Bitbucket is one of the world's leading providers of cloud code repositories, but were you aware that they also provided the ability for...
M. David Green, Jul 01

How Can I Use Tags in a Git Repository?

Have you been using version control, such as Git, but not using tags? This screencast introduces Git tags and explains how they are useful...
M. David Green, Jul 01

Web Industry Insights 2017

Craig discusses the tools, languages and career satisfaction levels of 64,000 developers who completed the 2017 Stack Overflow survey.
Craig Buckler, 5 days ago

Is My Private Code Safe on a Private Repository in Bitbucket?

When you are considering safety in terms of cloud hosted code repositories, there are really three things that you might want to keep in...
M. David Green, Jul 01

The Psychology of Speed

In this exclusive book excerpt, we examine the psychology of speed in regards to building lean websites.
Barbara Bermes, Apr 11
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