Web Log Software Matrix

By Blane Warrene
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A portion of a new research report I am working on includes a basic rundown on web log analytics software. During the research process I assembled this matrix of web log analysis software and wanted to make it available for review.

It covers most of the major releases for web log analysis, both proprietary and open source. I am sure there are many open source solutions I am missing – however – here were the basic criteria:

1) Could not be remotely hosted (had to install on local machine or server)

2) Had to show up in a general search engine search for web log analysis or web log software

3) Could not be in alpha or beta modes

Now that the core of this matrix is built, I plan to continue expanding it independent of the research report it will be a part of. If you have some suggestions or updates for this – post them here or PM me.

We teamed up with SiteGround
To bring you the latest from the web and tried-and-true hosting, recommended for designers and developers. SitePoint Readers Get Up To 65% OFF Now
  • MRoderick

    Interesting, very interesting.

    For Sitepoints audience, I am sure that a few extra columns on each software’s ability to distinguish browsers would be very useful.

    TIP: Try looking at the Excel generated page in any other browser than Internet Explorer ;)

  • Try to view that page in Firefox…

  • Very sorry, browser must have incorrectly loaded it, worked fine second try… Nice table ;-)

  • Actually, the web site does look right on Firefox only after reloading it.

  • You have missed out ClickTracks (www.clicktracks.com). Big player in the field.

  • craig34

    I looked around their site quickly and it seems that the product meets your qualifications: why haven’t you included ClickTracks (www.clicktracks.com)?

  • Hi, we indeed just happened to launch our new web analytical tool – Livemon (http://www.tenmiles.com/livemon), consider it for your analysis if you like. good chart, you have indeed missed up plenty of other competitors. I had earlier researched on all commercial analytics solution. very competive arena.

    By the way, I couldn’t really understand the core objective of your research. Anyways, good luck!


  • Thanks for the link to ClickTracks – I will look into them. As for Shalin’s question – the original web log research was not meant to be exhaustive but just a small piece of a larger private report for a client. Now I am going to let the web log matrix expand on its own and perhaps grow to exhaustive lengths (and will be getting rid of the ugly Excel-bastardized HTML). I will look at your tool as well. As long as they install as a web log analysis application on the client’s local workstation or server(s)they can be on the list (no remote script trackers or plain remote counters).

  • I have used 123LogAnalyzer and “absolute log analyzer” for a while, the first one is very easy to use and has nice output, but not accurate, I use it for quick check. absolute log analyzer has more accurate and detailed result, but not straightforward and convenient, I use it to further research the log info.

  • Stewart Vardaman
  • Another firm favourite that I’d like to see included is: Nihou Web Log Analyzer: http://www.loganalyzer.net/

  • Ooops I see it was. Apologies.

  • You list analog as being html output only but it can be set to output to semicolon separated text data files, and xml output as well.

  • Thanks for letting me know omerida – I updated the matrix for Analog.

  • Kayra Otaner

    I have a pet project of my own hosted at SourceForge :
    I’ve developed a full blown web log analytic suite for one of my employers and they’ve close the shop almost 3 years ago. I’ve put it online but since then couldn’t have a change to enhance it. It parses raw Apache or any other web server log file and stores analytical results into MySQL database. Has cli and gui tools, uses jpgraph.

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  • LilC

    I want to build a blog, I am using Dreamweaver MX and wonder if anyone could suggest a starting place. thanks

  • Are you asking if you can build your own blog software solution or if you can work with a blog via Dreamweaver?

  • This is great info, thanks! I would also like to see Clicktracks added, as they are a major award winner and competitor with WebTrends. Glad you have Urchin there though. Thanks again!