Web geeks + snowboarding = Snow Web 06

    Matthew Magain

    John Allsopp, one of the the organizers behind this year’s Web Directions conference, along with a couple of friends, is organizing a ski/snowboard trip in the Snowy Mountains this July, by the name of Snow Web 06.

    Snow Web is a long weekend in the Aussie snow at Perisher, Friday through Sunday July 28-30. Ski or board by day — meet at the Man from Snowy river when your legs give out and talk webapps, web2.0, Ajax, CSS layouts, business models, RSS, mental airs, whatever takes your web developer/designer fancy.

    As a long-time boarder, I’d love to be there in full force, but unfortunately I have other commitments. However if you were planning on a trip to the Australian snow fields this July, or perhaps were aligning your attendance at Web Directions with a few months of travelling around Australia (it’s been done before) then you might want to factor Snow Web into your itinerary…