Web Foundations
By Rebecca Goodwin

Learn HTML Online

By Rebecca Goodwin

Is it time for you to begin learning HTML5? Or are you looking for a refresher? Where do you start? Online of course!

Between SitePoint and Learnable, we are building a growing library where you can get the web skills you want and need all in one place.

Getting Started Courses

If you are just starting out or feel like you need a refresher of the basics; these Learnable premium courses are built just for you:

Learn HTML5 with John Allsopp “Mastering a language like HTML5 can be intimidating. It doesn’t have to be!”

HTML5 & CSS3 for the Real World with Louis Lazaris “Start building future-proof websites that are faster, more powerful, and easier to maintain.”

Build Your First Website: Getting Started with HTML & CSS with Kevin Yank “Build your first website – the right way! This is the perfect course to start learning HTML and CSS.”

Layout building techniques with HTML & CSS with Guilherme Muller “Layout Building like a Pro”

Key Concept HTML5 Tutorials

Are you looking for a few free online tutorials that cover specific topic instead? Here are our standout HTML5 tutorials:

A basic HTML5 Template by Louis Lazaris “As you learn HTML5 and add new techniques to your toolbox, you’re likely going to want to build yourself a blueprint, or boilerplate, from which you can begin all your HTML5-based projects.”

6 Useful HTML5 Tools by Sonia Jackson “A list of six online tools that are great at helping people to understand HTML5 and at helping people learn how to create HTML5 websites.”

HTML & CSS Beginners Guide by Ian Lloyd “So, you’re ready to take the plunge and begin to learn how to build your own web pages and sites? Fantastic! We’ve got quite a ride ahead, so I hope you’re feeling adventurous.”

Essential Audio and Video Events for HTML5 by James Edwards “So let’s examine some of the most important media events, looking at when and how they fire and what properties are relevant to them.”

The HTML5 form Attribute by Craig Buckler “One of the lesser-known HTML5 features is the form attribute.”

Introducing the new HTML5 template Tag by Craig Buckler “Modern web applications use DOM manipulation to dynamically change areas of the page or insert values — but how?”

Trending Topics

For those who are ready to dive deeper into cutting edge trends and take your skills to the next level:

Responsive Web Design with HTML5 and the Less Framework 3 by Louis Simoneau “In this short tutorial, I’ll walk you through taking a fairly simple page design and making it responsive with the help of the Less Framework 3 by Joni Korpi.”

Twitter Bootstrap Tutorial – Handling Complex Designs by Syed Fazle Rahman “Much has been said and written about Twitter Bootstrap these days in the world of web designing and development. Whatever it may be, it does things easier and faster.”

Building Responsive Websites Using Twitter Bootstrap by Syed Fazle Rahman “With the help of CSS3 and definitely HTML5, this trend is increasing every day. But what if you are a developer and not a designer? BONK! Well, you don’t have to worry any more.”

Getting Started with Sass by Darren Wood “There are many CSS preprocessors out there, but I’m going to focus on the one that captured my heart: SASS.”

A Comprehensive Introduction to LESS by Ivaylo Gerchev “If you’re reading this, you’ll already know that CSS is an easy to learn, and use, stylesheet language, which makes our websites shine. In this article I will cover the basics of LESS.”

What do you think about learning HTML5 online? What resources are missing? What would you like to know more of? Let us know in the comments!