By Matt Mickiewicz

Web Design Business Kit 2.0

By Matt Mickiewicz

It’s hard to believe it’s been 3-years since the release of Brendon Sinclair’s “The Web Design Business Kit”, with it’s 14-pounds of glory and retro-orange cover design.

Since then, we’ve amassed 18 pages of customer reviews, and many more emails, from all corners of the planet. Among these, were many suggestions for a 2nd edition, as well as more than a few questions asking for advice.

With this in mind, early this year we commenced work on updating the kit to answer the most common questions, and provide the most requested documents (contracts!). After many months of work, and more than a few late nights for Brendon Sinclair (the author), we’re happy to announce “The Web Design Business Kit 2.0“.

What’s new in the 2nd edition?

Four New Chapters:

  • Outsourcing For Great Profits
  • Delight Your Clients
  • Dealing With Those Pesky Clients
  • Business Legalities

Five new lawyer-written contracts:

  • Design Contract
  • Hosting Contract
  • Support Contract
  • Ongoing Marketing Contract
  • Confidentiality Contract

… and of course, 509-pages of advice on finding, selling, and keeping clients, 182 pages of time-tested documents, and a CDROM containing all the documents & spreadsheets in editable format.

Download your free sample chapters here.

  • This sounds excellent but I’m questioning what value the legal documents will have.

    I’m assuming they’ve been completed by an Australian lawyer so probably won’t be of much use to us in the UK or those in the US?

  • We’ve tried to keep the contracts as generic as possible, but having said that you should always seek legal advice for your situation. Contracts are almost never one-size-fits-all.

  • Thanks Mark

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