By Harry Fuecks

Web based XUL Filemanager

By Harry Fuecks

How about this file manager? The front end is XUL + Javascript and the back end ASP in this example (recommend Firefox 9.x+ – allow the popups from that site).

The project is hosted at with source availabe here – there’s a server side PHP implementation as well.

Be very careful before you put this anywhere live. Right now it allows users to create and edit .php files and it may well be a good idea to review the PHP source for security.

That said think this the best example of “remote XUL” I’ve seen since the Mozilla Amazon Browser. It’s certainly more usable than any DHTML equivalent I’ve seen, considering the ability to do things like copy/cut and paste.

  • php_man

    Looks very nice, I couldn’t get the search to work, which was a shame – I wonder if it is done client or server side – but nothing happened upon clicking the Search button.

    Also a shame its GPL and no LGPL.

  • That’s fantastic! It’s the kind of demo that really opens your eyes to the possibilities of XUL – for example, imagine a hierarchical content management system based around the same kind of interface.

    What with all the publicity Firefox has been getting recently now is an excellent time to be working with this kind of technology.

  • Dangermouse

    Wow, thats excellent

  • Nikobass

    That’s pretty amazing.
    php_man: Come on, it’s just a simple RIA. Don’t be mad for those formalities.

  • Definitely does not like Safari on OS 10.3.5…. ;>(

  • man, I couldn’t get past the “Launching Application” screen. :-( (FF 0.9.1 on XP Home w/SP2)

  • Well, I got it to work from here

    Nice stuff, I like it!

  • Wow, that’s trully amazing!

  • Dangermouse

    M36Teen: its the popup blocker

  • Ahh! Thanks Dangermouse, it worked!

  • psn

    ive been questioning the xml family tools for sometime but xul probably has to be the most exciting, when i get time i may just try and give it ago. btw nice find.

  • I am VERY impressed. Extremely fast, extremely intuitive and extremely promising!

  • TheIdeaMan

    Has anyone out there considered creating an XPCOM version (usable with Mozilla products) of the Scintilla code editing component ( )? That would be an incredible addition to this file manager and to WCMSs.

    Just an idea.

  • Dorsey

    I’m also very impressed by the live demo, but I wonder what the pedestran reaction would be to an interface that is so different than all the others? There have been lots of criticisms every time a new menu style is tried that is radically different, and what’s intuitively obvious to technies can be completely opaque to non-techies. Of course, that’s how the technology advances.

  • aexl

    Wow, this rocks.
    Does anyone know how difficult it might be to extend this to a webdav file manager?

  • Anonymous

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