watching those bugs.

By Eric Jones

I’ve spent the better part of two days tracking down and trying to resolve some bugs on our development CF server. I’ve also spent this time patching and fixing a lot of things with CF MX 6.1.

As I’m sure you’ll need this data at some point, here are a few great links to file away for future problems, or for finding solutions to your most current issues:

Known Problems with CFMX

Hot Fixes for all current and past servers

UNOffiicial Bug List

If you know of anymore feel free to post em!

  • darlene

    Hi there,

    can someone please help me to understand the workings of coldfusion mx. I am a freelance homebased web designer. LOoking to start adding databases to my pages.

    I understand the developer’s edition of cfmx is free – but not for production — exactly what does that mean?

    Can I create a databased web site for a client and host with a cfmx hosting company – without the client having any cf server software.

    I apologize ahead of time for such obviously ignorant questions. However, I have tried to get these questions answered for a long time.

    Thanks, anyone…


  • jonese

    free but not for production means that it’s accessible by two computers. The first is the computer where ColdFusion is loaded on (ie localhost) the second is the first computer to hit the server from the outside. (ie a computer on your lan)

    as long as the host you pick has CF then yes this will work, but you can’t host the CF on your computer and then have the clients host call pages off your computer. not only is this poor for performance it’s just not smart or safe.

    There are many shared hosting packages out there for CF, it shouldn’t be hard finding one to fit your clients budget. Then you can develop on your computer and upload to there server for more testing. Please check with the host though to find out which tags they don’t allow as they can restrict you from using certain tags (like cffile)

    The only “ignorant” questions darlene are those which aren’t asked. Also check out the SP forums if you need more help!

  • I agree with jonese. There are many shared CF plans with hosting companies out there. I personally like crystaltech –!

    The general process for CF development is relatively easy to pick up, as the syntax is much more like syntax, as opposed to scripting languages.

    Linking your site (client’s site) to a database (SQL, MySql, Access, etc.) is a piece of cake and in the end, if you are using often updated content on a site, dynamic page templates are definately the way to go.

    I would recommend, as you seem to be a beginner in this realm, “Coldfusion MX: Web Application Construction Kit: fifth edition;” by Ben Forta as a starting point. It is lengthy, but definately is easy to understand and very thorough. Good Luck and have fun coding.

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