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Watch: Using Modernizr CSS Classes

By Ryan Seddon

In this video I’ll introduce you to how Modernizr can help you style your website’s CSS based on the current browser’s feature support.

Modernizr will add all the results of the detected features as classes to the html element. In this lesson we’ll target browsers that support emoji and turn a boring bullet list into a fun emoji list. After watching this screencast you’ll have a basic understanding of how to use Modernrizr’s CSS classes to conditionally style elements on your page. The code sample for this lesson can be found at on GitHub.

This is one lesson from SitePoint Premium’s latest course Modernizr 3. If you enjoyed this video and want to see more, come and check out the rest of the course.

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Ryan Seddon is Tech Lead at Zendesk, an open source junkie and a CSS abuser. Coming from a specialist front-end role he's since ventured into full stack development. He regular contributes to open-source projects such as Modernizr, gives talks at conferences and is just all round enthusiastic about the software. His personal website is

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