By Ilya Bodrov-Krukowski

Watch: RSpec — The Set Up

By Ilya Bodrov-Krukowski

Automated testing is really widespread these days and of course Ruby has its own set of tools. One of these is RSpec, an insanely popular tool for automated testing. The good thing about it is we can test nearly every aspect of the app with ease. If you don’t set up automated testing, you’ll end up having to manually re-test all the features of your app every time you refactor the code or add something new. For large apps this becomes really tedious!

In this screencast series we are going to have a look at using RSpec and supporting libraries like Capybara and FactoryGirl with Rails. You’ll even get to write your first spec!

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  • Fred@Bootstrap

    very nice introduction to RSpec, Ilya. It would be nice if there also was an RSpec vs MiniTest screencast in the future.

    • Ilya Bodrov

      My thanks! Well, this sounds like a great idea. In the next weeks I am going to release more videos on RSpec: models, controllers testing etc.

  • Tiên Minh Tạ

    It is awesome! I hope to see your next videos soon. I wish they have Factory Girl, some advanced features on it. I’m a newbie on RoR and I saw that the way you teaching is really easy to understand. Including your writing guides. It is very helpful to me! Thank you so much!

    • Ilya Bodrov

      Oh, my thanks! That’s great knowing my work is useful and even greater when students are virtually reading my thoughts – the next video will cover FactoryGirl :) I planned to release it earlier, but unfortunately I’m under high pressure, so hopefully it will be ready in the next few days. One thing to note is that not all videos are added to Sitepoint’s main page – most of them are available at Premium section (though 90% of them are free).

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