By Guilherme Muller

Watch: Remembering the Document Outline in an HTML5 World

By Guilherme Muller

Have you heard of an HTML document outline? This subject has been nearly forgotten since the early HTML5 days, but it’s still important.

A good outline for your website has the potential for more accessibility and better semantic structure. Despite browsers not having implemented HTML5’s outlining algorithm, developers should still know how it works. In this screencast, I walk you through some examples and show you how simple it is to define and assess a document’s outline.

You can find the code sample from this screencast on GitHub.

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  • PVgr

    Useful reminder, thanks for sharing Guilherme!

  • Neil Osman

    Thanks. would be very helpful to discuss land marks in part 2 ;-)

  • Thank you Guilherme, really helpful.

  • John Davey

    Very good analysis. I have noticed how the script-generated sites are getting very loose with the HTML structure, but I have also noticed that there are new questions raised by HTML5. You have done a nice review of the issues. Thanks.

  • adam__roberts

    Hi Tess, that’s a fair question! In our case, all our videos have closed captioning, which you can enable by clicking on the “cc” button at the bottom of the player. I hope that helps!

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