Watch: Remembering the Document Outline in an HTML5 World

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Have you heard of an HTML document outline? This subject has been nearly forgotten since the early HTML5 days, but it’s still important.

A good outline for your website has the potential for more accessibility and better semantic structure. Despite browsers not having implemented HTML5’s outlining algorithm, developers should still know how it works. In this screencast, I walk you through some examples and show you how simple it is to define and assess a document’s outline.

You can find the code sample from this screencast on GitHub.

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Guilherme MullerGuilherme Muller
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Guilherme is passionate about web development, especially HTML and CSS coding. With more than 10 years of experience, Guilherme works as a freelance web developer with clients of various fields, having published more than a hundred websites. Currently, Guilherme has his own small web development company in Curitiba, Brazil. When Guilherme is not coding, he’s usually running, reading, playing his cajón or travelling with his wife around Brazil and the world as “almost” backpackers.

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