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Watch: Controller Testing with Ruby

By Ilya Bodrov-Krukowski

In contrast to model testing, controller testing may seem complex at first. That being said, understanding the basic workflow will allows you to get a grip of it — quickly. In this video you will learn how to write controller specs and isolate them from other parts of your application with the help of mocks and stubs.

This is only one video from our RSpec collection, but there are more to learn from. Check it out!

You can get the code samples from GitHub.

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Ilya Bodrov is personal IT teacher, a senior engineer working at Campaigner LLC, author and teaching assistant at Sitepoint and lecturer at Moscow Aviations Institute. His primary programming languages are Ruby (with Rails) and JavaScript. He enjoys coding, teaching people and learning new things. Ilya also has some Cisco and Microsoft certificates and was working as a tutor in an educational center for a couple of years. In his free time he tweets, writes posts for his website, participates in OpenSource projects, goes in for sports and plays music.

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