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By Joel Falconer

Want to Get Paid? Write For Us!

By Joel Falconer

Got an eye for design and some skills to share? We’re looking for new writers to contribute to DesignFestival, with content focused on web, mobile and print design.

Specifically, we’re looking for in-depth tutorials using Photoshop, Illustrator or even CSS and HTML to produce results in line with current design trends, and inspiration roundups that showcase the best of recent design, whether that means logos, web designs, posters, and so on.

We pay competitive base rates per article and provide an attractive traffic incentive program for articles that bring in 10,000 to 100,000 pageviews in the 30 day period following publication.

If you’d like to work with us, we’d love to hear from you! Please get in touch with links to your previous work, whether published on design blogs or on your own site, showing your ability to write about design. You can reach me at this email address.

  • I have mentioned this on my blog of writers. I hope that you get some great writers! Nice to see your post!

  • Great idea I write articles for my web site but not on designing but i can try,

  • Paul Alfred

    Great site, I am an avid blogger and have some posts related to the PR media. Please let me know if you allow me to post article related to the PR consultancy on your site. I want to contribute here,

  • Joeri

    I’m not an experienced writer at all, but I’m glad to see you’re hiring. I have become increasingly annoyed with the abundance of ‘x great resources for your website’ articles. There are some beautiful, inspirational items in those posts, but I have two problems with them.

    First, they’re posted as if to use them. If everyone here would make use of those same 20 resources, that’d be just bad. So why not just post them as awesome examples of something done right, unless they truly are usable resources, such as paper textures or wood grain.

    Second, there are just too much of them and the stuff that made Design Festival so great has kinda is proportionately lessened in quantity. The odd article on logo’s and (sadly, kinda badly written) tutorial certainly spices things up. The editorial that brought me here was the Cicada Effect. Around that time, a lot of great pieces of advice and essays on certain webdesign aspects were posted. I’ve sorely missed articles of that level.

    So yeah, feedback. Take it or leave it, but in my opinion Design Festival’s writing quality has been decreasing slightly over time. Maybe I’ve layered the grief a little thick in this reply, but it’s how I’ve been seeing it for the past months.

  • Joeri

    It could also be me missing the point of the Design Festival blog, of course ;).

  • Hello, do you accept writers from Africa, from Nigeria, to be precise? I’ll love to jump on the bandwagon.

    • Peter North

      Hi Jude.

      Yes. We accept articles from all over the world, and we would certainly welcome writers from Africa or anywhere else.

      Peter North
      Editor – DesignFestival

  • Hello Webmaster,

    I found your site very helpful and informative. I wanted to ask you if you accept guest blog posts. Let me know I would love to contribute a unique post.


    Preston Seifer

    • Peter North

      Hi Preston.

      Thanks for reaching out to us. We do not accept all guest posts, but I’d be delighted to have a look at yours. Feel free to contact me at the email address in the article above.

      Peter North
      Editor – DesignFestival

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