By Harry Fuecks

WACT 0.2 is out

By Harry Fuecks

WACT 0.2 is out Well five days ago in fact – wasn’t watching the ball thanks to pressing deadlines, in particular the big one on the 24th.

Jeff’s done an amazing job over the last 12 months. There’s so much that happened it’s hard to know where to begin. Alot of the work has been “internal” but, feature-wise, some of the additions include;

– More powerful template syntax for “databinding” and “filtering” template variable references.

– A solid MVC implementation

– Jason’s data table tag and other new tags

Download here (and remember it’s still marked as alpha!)

  • Anonymous


    Are you still working on wact?

  • chris_e

    Too bad there’s no good tutorial or howto on WACT, and the only tutorial there is (Generating RSS Feeds) doesn’t work anymore. It’s kind of hard to “learn” WACT when you’re not a WACT-developer.

  • Jay

    WACT looks great but the documentation leaves something to be desired…

  • St.

    Can I look at UML diagrams of project?

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