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VS .NET source control options

By aspatton



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I’ve always been a bit surprised at the lack of source control options from Microsoft. The rudimentary Visual SourceSafe (VSS)offering is okay for small teams and small projects that are housed under one roof, but expand beyond any those parameters and troubles arise. Microsoft doesn’t even use it for its in-house projects.

I’ve worked with disconnected dispersed teams for the past few years and VSS just doesn’t fill the need. One product I have used extensively with recent projects is from an IBM company – Rational’s ClearCase. Their Visual Studio .NET integration is powerful and working across a network is possible. Another good product I’ve used in the past is SourceGear Vault.

I’ve read many overviews of the upcoming Team System in the next version of Visual Studio .NET to go along with .NET Framework 2.0, and it seems a bit promising so maybe Microsoft has learned a thing or two.

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