VMWare Workstation 4.5.2

By Blane Warrene

Nice review on VMWare version 4.5.2 which introduced 64-bit support on AMD and Intel 64-bit processors. This covers Windows 2003 Server, Red Hat Enterprise and SUSE Linux Enterprise 64-bit releases.

Read it at the Jem Report.

I have tooled with VMWare for several years now and have always found it valuable whether running it on Windows for running Linux flavors in virtual machines or vice versa on Linux running Windows.

  • andre

    is there a truly open source alternative to vmware? colinux is nice but isn’t true virtualization…

  • MiiJaySung


    How about Plex or Boches ? I dunno if Plex is usable now, it’s been a few years now. If not, there’s always Boches if you don’t mind working on a virtual ‘80286 with pentium registers’ :)

  • Here is a base page that liks out to several open source virtual machines (along with linking to other commercial products). I actually use both VMWare and Virtual PC 7 (the latter on my Mac OS X system to run Windows XP Pro for various testing projects and other work)…


  • shoanm

    Checkout qEmu for an open source alternative to VMware.

  • Strangely I never made VMWare working. Virtual PC is much easier to use, I installed all Windows since Win98 for software testing, it works great.

  • minh tuan

    this is a googe site

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