Visualize This: Visualization With Flex 3

Flex Data Visualization
If you enjoyed part I of the Flex Data Visualization series of tutorials by Toby Tremayne, you’re probably eager to dive back in and make some more progress.

This series demonstrates how to use the Flex platform to visualize your data and make it both clear and appealing to your audience. In part I Toby built the back-end to generate a dataset from the SitePoint forums, and the nuts-and-bolts code that would import it into the Flex application. Part II builds a data visualization in flex to show how often the keywords are used in forum threads. You’ll also learn about the theory of data visualization and use the cool SpringGraph library.

We’ve also got another short quiz for you to test your, err, Flex muscle with. Why not check it out after you’ve read the tutorial?


Article: Data Visualization with Flex, Part II
Quiz: Data Visualization with Flex, Part II Quiz