By Philip Miseldine

Visual Studio 2005 Beta Ready To Roll

By Philip Miseldine

eWeek: “At its TechEd Europe conference in Amsterdam next week, Microsoft Corp. will announce the first official beta release of Visual Studio 2005, which will include the Team Architect version of the Visual Studio Team System technology Microsoft announced last month at its TechEd conference in San Diego.

Sources close to the company said the beta software should be available for download by the end of next week. More and more of the Visual Studio Team System will find its way into Visual Studio 2005 in future releases, sources said.”

Time to get those broadband connections warmed up ;)

  • archigamer

    *runs to*

    I am just curious is this beta for anyone to download or is it for MSDN subscribers only?

  • Wake up, microsoft to give their product for free to everyone? I don’t think so. Despite it’s beta version, it’s still fully functional ;)

  • Wake up, microsoft to give their product for free to everyone? I don’t think so.

    They did that with the first beta of VS.Net so it stands to reason that if you qualify (ie: you request it) they’ll give you a 6 or 12 month beta. It’s just a matter of finding the place to request it from.


  • person12

    I don’t have a MSDN subscription, yet Microsoft sent me a beta of Windows XP about 3 years ago… But you’re right, I did have to pay for packaging and shipping (I think it was $12).

  • I was sent a copy of VS.NET 2003 about a month before it was out for nothing! I don’t have an MSDN subscriptions, :)

  • Wake up, microsoft to give their product for free to everyone? I don’t think so.[qoute]

    Hey awasson, how does that foot in your mouth taste?

  • zakruvalcaba why would you ask me that?

    Read the comment all the way through… My comment appears to stand correct. It is available for download to MSDN subscribers now and will be available to non subscribers shortly.

    How’s your foot taste? Need some salt & pepper with that?

  • Yeah…my bad…my comment was actually directed to the poster before you. Doh!

    ** Smacks forhead with shoe **

  • No worries,
    I was looking at my earlier post trying to figure out if I had missed out on something really obvious.

  • Greg B

    I received my copy of Visual Studio .NET 2005 Beta 2 in the mail 1 week after ordering it from the Microsoft web site.

    I wasn’t even charged shipping. You get SQL Server 2005 (Yukon), Visual Studio Team Suite (Visual Studio) and Team Foundation Server Which integrates MS Office, Microsoft Proejct, Sharepoint Portal Server and other enterprise project management tools in addition to a custom web portal which integrates all of the modules.

    Microsoft is also offering a free transition for current MSDN Subscribers.
    A Microsoft evangelist also told the group at DevCon today any valid Visual Studio 2002 or 2003 license can be transferred to an MSDN subscription.

    Microsoft has made a lot of security improvements in Visual Studion and its Windows platform. They also integrate with other tools and software making the solution offering even more attractive.

    I don’t see Sun Microsystems, IBM or Oracle integrating their solutions with Microsoft platforms other than a database provider for .NET.

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