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By Ophelie Lechat

Video: Unleash 3D rendering with WebGL and Microsoft Edge

By Ophelie Lechat

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With the raw power delivered by WebGL, 3D on the web is now a viable option. During this presentation by David Cathue, we will see how to start using WebGL from scratch. Then, using Babylon.js, we will discover how to integrate the browser in your creation pipeline in order to create great 3d worlds that can be seen on a wide variety of devices.

This presentation was filmed at Microsoft’s Web Summit 2015 conference.

  • Carl Vaillancourt

    Wow, what a great find. I work for a home manufacturer and we are always looking for ways to get our homes in 3D online. Babylon.js might help us do that, just gotta find a way to get from Revit files to babylon.js. Probably will have to export Revit files to Blender and then export to files that Babylon will understand…thank you for sharing this!

  • Thomas Giles

    My goodness the clipping. Oh WHY the clipping?!

  • Tanstaafl56

    please fix the audio

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