Video: Speed Up Your Web Development Process with Less

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Less is dynamic stylesheet language that allows you to extend the CSS language with great features such as variables, mixins, and nesting. In “How To Speed Up Your Web Development Process Using Less”, you will learn to write better CSS and improve your web development workflow, showing you how powerful Less can be.

I will show you how to define variables and mixins as re-usable objects, cut down on code, keep your code DRY and organized. We will learn about nesting, how to use nested rules with multiple CSS selectors, and how to do mathematical calculations with the operators.

In the second half of this screencast we will work through a project-based example through the customization of a web page. By the end of this short tutorial, you will have a basic understanding of how to write CSS with Less.

To jump into this screencast you should have a working knowledge of CSS, HTML, and JavaScript and of course, a modern web browser and text editor.

Sandy LudoskySandy Ludosky
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Sandy is a freelance Web Designer and Developer based out of Toronto, in Ontario, Canada. She specializes in front-end development with HTML, CSS, CSS3 Animation, Sass, Javascript, and JQuery. Sandy has a passion for creating beautiful, engaging and user-friendly websites. On top of being an online instructor, she is an avid learner of new technologies and digital stuff with a keen interest in web marketing, web analytics, design, video production, and photography.

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