Video: How to Host Multiple Sites in WordPress 3.0

    Bernard Peh
    Bernard Peh

    In version 3.0 of WordPress, it’s possible to have one single WordPress install hosting multiple websites. This is great news for anyone who has multiple blogs hosted on different domains. Combining all the blogs into one install not only saves disk space, it also makes maintenance and upgrades easy. If you’re using WordPress version 3.0 and above, this feature is already built ​​in for you. Unfortunately, it’s not turned on by default. You can find the installation instructions on the WordPress Codex, but to make life easier for you, I’ve recorded a quick video tutorial to show you how to enable this functionality and configure it correctly:

    [vimeo 19643426 600 375]

    WordPress 3.0 Multisite Setup

    Here’s a quick summary of the steps required:

    Step 1: Back up your current WordPress database.

    Step 2: Add this line into your wp-config.php file:

    define('WP_ALLOW_MULTISITE', true);

    Step 3: Log in to the admin area and click on Tools -> Network. Choose the “Sub-directories” option. Submit the form (accepting the defaults for the other options), then follow the instructions given on the next page.

    Step 4: Log out and log back in again. You should now have a “Superadmin” panel at the top of your WordPress admin menu. Under Superadmin -> Sites, add your new site.

    Step 5: Test that your new site is working.

    There you go! You now have a new WordPress site running in a subdirectory. But what if you would like your new WordPress site to be located at an entirely different domain instead?

    In this case, you’ll need to go through a few more steps:

    Step 6: Download the domain mapping plugin and follow the installation instructions.

    Step 7: Log out and log in again. Update Superadmin -> Domain Mapping with your server’s IP address, then go to Superadmin -> Domains to link up a domain with a site ID.

    Step 8: Test your new domain.

    That’s it for now! Any feedback is welcomed.