By Michael Chan

Video: Getting Started with React

By Michael Chan

In this short video, we’ll set up React in a plain HTML page and write our first React component. We’ll cover everything you need to get started and take a first look at JSX, the way React templates are written.

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  • Super helpful, thanks for making this video!

    • chantastic

      Thanks Zack :)

  • Ralph Mason

    A fantastic little tutorial. Really clear, and straight to the point. :-)

    • chantastic

      Thanks Ralph! I’m really excited to be doing these with SitePoint :)

  • Diverently

    Hey, thanks for the tutorial. Can you tell me which theme you use for Atom? :) Thanks

    • chantastic

      I believe it’s the default. It’s called “One Dark”. I’m a Vim user but wanted something a little more friendly to setup for these videos.

      • Diverently


  • Very easy to understand, thank you very much!

  • Ievgen Golskov

    thx a lot. I like your video!
    one question. I read that: ” we have to use /** @jsx React.DOM */ at the top of our script. it tells React that we are using JSX and that this markup needs to be transformed, so you need to include it when using JSX syntax.” But you dont use. what is right?

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