By Lami Adabonyan

Video: Database Access with PHP

By Lami Adabonyan

In this screencast I explain how to connect and extract data from a database using PHP, touching on topics like, PHP Data Objects (PDO), preventing SQL injection, and finally extracting your data in variety of different formats (as arrays, classes, or objects).

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  • Me

    Nice video Lami, Thanks!

  • Jim Hatton

    Thanks for sharing.

  • Bhongo

    Awesome stuff Lami. Well done. I would like to see some more of these

  • Dennis Des

    Thanks a lot, Lami.

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  • Charlie

    Thank you! From the Florida area.

  • you guys need to write more php stuff

  • fuad

    Excellent and very useful piece of working for beginners , very clear and concise!!! Continue!!

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