Userfly: Usability From Your Actual Users

By Josh Catone
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Chris Estreich, a senior engineer at classifieds site Oodle today soft-launched a new site aimed at web developers called Userfly. Using JavaScript, Userfly captures and records browsing data from your visitors and lets you plat it back as a movie later. The site is really rough — this is a very beta release — and probably isn’t quite ready for any press coverage, but I was so impressed by the demo (and had a lot of fun playing with it), that I couldn’t resist.

To implement Userfly, developers just add a single line of JavaScript on each of their site’s pages. The service will then capture and record browsing behavior as soon as a visitor enters your web site, and continues recording until they leave the site. Userfly captures clickstream data, scrolling and mouse movements, and text entry, and it rather impressively is able to interact with some pretty heavy-duty JavaScript elements.

Site developers can then log into their account and review user interactions by watching recorded movies (something like screencasts). Userfly copies onto its servers any page from your site that a tracked user navigates to, and then overlays the visitor interaction movie on top of a local copy of each page. For now, Userfly is free for one user session each hour, with higher volume pricing available upon request. Eventually, Estreich intends to add additional features such as random user sampling for high volume sites, and the ability to invite specific users to be recorded for usability studies. from Chris Estreich on Vimeo.

There are a few issues that Userfly will have to deal with, however. Chief among them might be privacy. Estreich says that his service doesn’t capture account data or credit card information, but keystroke tracking will nonetheless make visitors very wary if they know it’s going on, in spite of any reassurances that their data is safe. According to Estreich, however, in order to follow users into an authenticated site, Userfly needs to either set up a proxy, or do cookie capturing, which could include sensitive information. Estreich plans to offer that only as a premium service.

Estreich will have to work hard to make users feel secure that their privacy is being protected. He’ll definitely want to avoid Userfly being rebranded “Userspy” by privacy advocates.

Another issue is whether this type of usability study is, well, really all that usable. Sifting through hundreds or thousands of videos isn’t ideal when it comes to figuring out how your users are interacting with your site and trying to fathom which bits need to be worked on. Joshua Gross, the founder of a similar service, the now-defunct, chimed in via a post on Hacker News to express that exact sentiment.

“The main issue is that the sessions aren’t focused (you don’t know about the goal of the user) and watching tens/hundreds/thousands of recordings to get an idea of what users are or aren’t doing on your website is simply impractical,” he wrote. According to Gross, in order to glean helpful information from the data, it needs to be summarized and taken in aggregate. “What are they doing on the page? How long does it take them? Collectively, what is and isn’t being focused on? What about how users interact with forms? These are just some very broad examples, but there are many ways in which you can distill the recorded data, and I find those to be far more insightful than the browsing sessions themselves.”

Figuring out how to take massive amounts of recorded data and distill trends from it will be Estreich’s next major challenge. If he can figure out how to do that effectively, though, Userfly could certainly evolve into a must-use service for web developers. So far, it’s off to a great start.

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We teamed up with SiteGround
To bring you the latest from the web and tried-and-true hosting, recommended for designers and developers. SitePoint Readers Get Up To 65% OFF Now
  • dmwalk

    The url goes to something called Teamvite. Has the site been taken down?

  • Anonymously


    The www sub-domain for the site is not set up for:

    This URL works though:

  • Dave

    dmwalk – You need to visit, not

    Which is just dumb! I tried the javascript though, and it works great. :)

  • @dmwalk It’s possible Josh may have hit Publish a few minutes too early. The URL seems OK now—check it out!

  • Avi G

    Actually, the aggregate data thing isn’t so bad. Think of this as a poor man’s replacement for getting 10 people sequentially in a room and tracking what they do in an eye tracking study.

    There’s a lot of value in watching an individual navigate your site independent of the aggregate data. Both serve an extremely important purpose.

    I’m going to use this and figure out where people drop out of my shopping cart.

  • Marble Host

    Hi Josh

    Userfuly will really be a boon to the seo as it not only captures but also records browsing data of visitors on particular site.

  • Clicktale has been doing this for some time. They have a free account, as well as lots of information. But like you mention, sifting through it all is a bit of jobload in itself. is worth a look though, I have identified a number of bugs and areas where people were leaving our site.

  • Wings of Steel!

    I’m wondering about the implications of capturing peoples credit card details, keystrokes etc during a checkout process & streaming back the results across the net unsecured..

  • Yeah, I used clicktale. This article was old news to me. :)

  • Anonymous

    TIP: It’s good practice to open external links in new windows instead of the same one.

  • Web Hosting

    Why Setting up of a proxy or cookie capturing will be offered as a premium services.

  • AZimiles

    Click Tale ( has had this exact same mouse-tracking technology for 2+ years. In fact, if they had filed any patents they could probably put these guys out of business considering it appears to be almost identical.

  • vitzo
  • Anonymous

    With easy to use filters and targets TrackConsole ( is a new alternative. You can combine mouse replays with various heat maps, all available in a few clicks.

  • Lina is a totally free alternative that does the exact same thing as userfly, but is ultra lightweight javascript (2kb vs 40kb). Another good thing is that Ghost has unlimited recordings.. My 10 recordings on userfly was used within 5 min :| Try it!

  • Anonymous

    Loop11 is a new service that allows companies to conduct remote, unmoderated user testing. Seems to do a whole lot more than just make recordings of visitors.
    Check it out: