By Sam Deering

Usage of Flash drops to 20.3% as of 22 Feb 2013

By Sam Deering

Usage of Flash for websites is now at 20.3% down from 28% just over a ago.


JavaScript is now used by 92.5% of all websites (96.5% of all the websites that rank in the top 100.000).


Usage of client-side programming languages broken down by ranking


  • maxw3st

    Would someone please pass this along to Art Institute of Pittspburgh?

    • lol why’s that mate?

      • maxw3st

        I’m tired of spending $1400 ea for “web dev” courses that only focus on using Flash.

        So far I’ve had 6 courses involving Flash vs 1 course involving JavaScript. Have 2 more courses for Flash coming up.

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  • I would not have posted had it made Gary look bad. I was really impressed with how well he took it and responded. Normally I do this and people want to sue, Gary is a class act all the way though. We all have mad respect for you and even more so after this.

  • That was me who made the call after too many free drinks :) We called anyone who had recently checked into Foursquare or Gowalla.

  • Y8

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