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Updated IE7 Beta 2 Preview

    Kevin Yank

    While the “official” Beta 2 release of Internet Explorer 7 still awaits the upcoming Windows Vista Beta 2, Microsoft has publicly announced an updated build of its “Beta 2 Preview”.

    Although official word on the changes in this new build have not been forthcoming (an ongoing problem in the IE7 preview process), this updated preview is said to be “layout complete”; that is, none of the changes to be made between now and the final release of Internet Explorer 7 should affect page layout. I wouldn’t bet on that, but I would certainly recommend this release as a solid basis on which to begin compatibility work on your own sites.

    This release coincides with the opening of Microsoft’s three-day MIX 06 conference in Las Vegas, the web site for which, incredibly, does not display correctly in Firefox (the title image, “A 72-hour conversation:” is cropped so as to make it unreadable).